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February 2007: My couch and footstool are taking a heavy beating as the heavily talented Calgary Flames win just two of seven games and regularly blow third-period leads. Writing, they say, is an outlet, a way to express your feelings. But I don’t want to finally start a blog about my favourite hockey team because of bad feelings — only good ones.

A routine win over the Colorado Avalanche on Hockey Night in Canada? Good enough feeling for me.

I have no goals in particular for this blog, but I like the idea of connecting with other Flames fans and having my theories and oubursts either validated or shot down. Theory No. 1: Roger Millions is a homer. My Flames obsession developed as I grew up in Calgary, but like many Flames bloggers I’ve now landed in Toronto, and the Internet is my only connection to my kind, and sanctuary from deluded “Buds” supporters.

So feel free to get in touch anytime. Thanks for dropping by.

Go Flames.

— duncan

flamesblog [at] gmail [dot] com


3 Responses to “About Flames Blog/duncan”

  1. Hi Duncan! I get my Flames fix (or NHL fix) from TSN.ca, as I now live in Innsbruck Austria. I get repeatedly pissed because I think it stands for Toronto Sports Network. You are in a hockey hotbed, I am not, and have no good Canadian friends over here with whom I can talk hockey.

    I play old timers hockey here, last week tried to talk about the all star skills comp, and the guys in the dressing roon had no idea what I was talking about. Oh well. Every place has pros and cons, thank God there are pros here too.

    I was born and raised in Calgary, and do miss the hockey. Now I have a new needle to give me my Flames fix. Thanks!

    One question – how the hell do you manage to deal with the overcoverage of the Make-Beliefs??? It wouldn’t be so bad if they were worthy of the ink and air time. As a Flames fan from Calgary, being in TO at times must be painful!

  2. Thanks for the note, Carson. I’ve grown accustomed to the Leafs stuff pretty fast … I take it as entertainment, and the best part is when the media itself discusses the intensity of the media coverage.

    Plus, I have the Centre Ice package, so I can watch all the Flames games and with the help of the Internet create my own little mini-Calgary.

  3. […] everyone. I’m off to hit the post. This blog began a couple of years ago, born out of frustration. Some 20 months and dozens of posts later, I’m still frustrated. Lately, it’s been […]

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