Thanks, everyone. I’m off to hit the post.

This blog began a couple of years ago, born out of frustration. Some 20 months and dozens of posts later, I’m still frustrated. Lately, it’s been mostly with Darryl Sutter. But it’s also from being marooned in a land of Leafs fans with just Centre Ice to hold me.

A short time after this blog was launched, we discovered in a series of comment strings that, in fact, an inordinate number of Flames bloggers lived in Toronto. So we arranged a couple of get-togethers, including the likes of Leanne, Dave, and Steal Thunder. (Our fearless leader, Kent. W, then known as “Metrognome”, has always been in Calgary, but joined us “in spirit.”)

Anyway, the other person at all these meetings was one “walkinvisible” — who, in fact, proved to be the catalyst to finally getting me to blog in the first place. I had been wandering through the comment strings on Flames blogs for ages, but WI picked out a particular comment I made, immediately after the disastrous Andrew Ference/Chuck Kobasew for Brad Stuart/Wayne Primeau trade, in which I questioned whether players would want to re-sign with a Flames team that treats players like they treated Ference. (In case you don’t remember, he had signed a below-market deal just a short time prior because he wanted to stay in Calgary.)

Anyway, she was so enamoured (troubled) with the comment, that she kept talking about it, so I decided that, in fact, what I had to say about the Flames might matter to more than myself, so why the hell shouldn’t I say it more often, and in a more prominent way?

(Also, I got over the creative block that had also been stopping me from starting a blog, which was the block at deciding on a name. I never did, hence “Flames Blog.”)

I was eager at the start, and I think I really hit my stride during the Flames-Wings playoff series in 2007. But as last season went by, my stride turned into a stumble, followed by a full-on hibernation with a couple of sleepwalks.

Fast forward to this past summer. WI and I have become pretty good friends, if I do say so, despite the fact that she’s now in Calgary. She was in Toronto, and we’re having a couple of beers, and the idea came up that, well, she’s a better blogger than me, but don’t I still have potential? And why are we making our MILLIONS of blog fans visit two places to read our incredible takes? And why are we asking ridiculous rhetorical questions?

Anyway, I’m burying the lead here. What I’m trying to say is that, as of today, I’m joining WI at hit the post — now at a fresh new address, I’m honoured that WI will have me there, and I’m a revitalized blogger. It’s going to be a fun place — and at the very least, I’m going to bring capital letters.

Thanks to those of you who’ve followed (and participated in) Flames Blog during the past two years. The archives will remain in place here, and I hope you’ll follow me to hit the post.


~ by duncan on October 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Thanks, everyone. I’m off to hit the post.”

  1. Please keep using the shift key, even though you’re posting at Hit The Post. 🙂

  2. hahahahah…. i told him he had to give it up, but he insisted… 😛

  3. Looking forward to reading your new “revitalized” self! Good luck!

    I was going to tell you that School Your Pool posted a new article about Ryan Howse today…

  4. Why your blog is so slow?

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