Depth Charts Wrap-Up: The predictions

Still plenty of time before the season begins, and plenty of training camp and coming transactions to change things. (For more on that, check out MetroGnome Kent’s nice “Loose ends” piece.) But that doesn’t mean I can’t take my depth charts series and decide who’s going to finish where in the conference.

Here’s what I’ve come to:

1. Minnesota. Losing Rolston will be hard, but this is still a well-coached team with better-than-average goaltending and adequate depth to last over 82 games. Third seed in conference.

2. Calgary. Iginla, Kiprusoff, Regehr and Phaneuf should be enough to carry this team, which will be worse in its Top 6 but better in its Bottom 6. Seventh seed in conference.

3. Edmonton. Yes, a lot of those points last year were shootout. But I’m a MacTavish believer, and there’s something about a young team that likes playing the game that gets me going. Eighth seed in conference.

4. Colorado. Budaj and Raycroft? It’s a bloody travesty that Francois Giguere would back up that group of forwards and defencemen with that goaltending tandem. Now, move someone for Khabibulin or equivalent? Now we’re talking playoffs. Ninth in conference.

5. Vancouver. They just won’t be able to score. 11th in conference.

Now, frankly, I’m tired of the off-season. But the rookie tournament doesn’t kick off till the 14th, so all we have is boring player introductions where we learn that, for instance, Mike Cammalleri looks like Todd Bertuzzi’s little buddy and that, at press conferences, Bertuzzi apparently likes to sing to his son Tag.

Hmmm, I wonder if Dion Phaneuf was wearing something ridiculous at that music festival in Pemberton whilst hanging out with Elisha Cuthbert. Yep, looks like it!


~ by duncan on August 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Depth Charts Wrap-Up: The predictions”

  1. I think everyone’s done with this off-season. I can tell because that loose-ends piece drew the my most single-day traffic in the history of the blog. And I basically threw it together cuz I was bored.

  2. I don’t know about Minny finishing first. Good defence and goaltending, but still, somebody needs to score.

  3. If Koivu and Gaborik are healthy, they’re fine. P-M Bouchard is only getting better, and Andrew Brunette will score 30 goals.

    Then they’ll crap out in the playoffs because that’s when lack of scoring depth really kills.

  4. hahahahahaha dion and elisha…. 😉

  5. btw: i love this thing here it’s fancy———————>

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