Depth Charts 5: Vancouver Canucks

The exciting finale!

VANCOUVER CANUCKS (39-33-10, 88 pts)
1. Henrik Sedin
2. Daniel Sedin
3. Pavol Demitra
4. Ryan Kesler
5. Steve Bernier
6. Taylor Pyatt
7. Alex Burrows
8. Matt Pettinger
9. Mason Raymond
10. Kyle Wellwood
11. Jeff Cowan
12. Darcy Hordichuk
13. Ryan Shannon
DIVISION RANK: 5. Good lord. They could add Sundin and still be No. 5, and maybe No. 30 in the whole league. Ryan Kesler a No. 4? Taylor Pyatt a 6? Good lord.

1. Mattias Ohlund
2. Kevin Bieksa
3. Sami Salo
4. Willie Mitchell
5. Alex Edler
6. Lukas Krajicek
7. Rob Davison
DIVISION RANK: 1. On the other hand, no weak links here at all, and five of the six are capable of great breakout passes.

1. Roberto Luongo
2. Curtis Sanford
DIVISION RANK: 1. Unless he decides to pout

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~ by duncan on August 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “Depth Charts 5: Vancouver Canucks”

  1. and maybe No. 30 in the whole league

    I challenge you to look at the Leafs forward ranks and not chuckle. I dare you.

  2. Oh no, believe me, I have. In fact, just for fun, let me put their “depth” chart RIGHT HERE:

    1. Jason Blake
    2. Nik Antropov
    3. Alexei Ponikarovsky
    4. Jason Blake
    5. Niklas Hagman
    6. Matt Stajan
    7. Jamal Mayers
    8. Jiri Tlusty
    9. Mark Bell
    10. Dominic Moore
    11. Ryan Hollweg
    12. Boyd Devereaux
    13. Dominic Moore

    An especially sad state of affairs, to be sure. It’s a special treat to have the two most hateable teams in Canada be so bad at once.

  3. God help these guys if Bobby Lou ever gets hurt. I like Edler a ton, but Ohlund and Salo looked like they were on their farewell tour LAST year. If Bieksa doesn’t bounce back I think the ‘nucks might have a -10 to -15 GD WITH Luongo. Long year in the rain.

  4. you put jason blake on that list twice as a joke, right ?
    cause… uh… it’s pretty funny.

  5. Duncan- you always do a great job with stuff like this, and this is no exception. Well done.

    But I do have to take a beef with a couple of your rankings (That’s the whole point right, to generate talk and arguments). Most of my concern is with ranking the Avs defense as #3. In fact I think they are #1 (a case can be made for the Canucks, but I think the Avs D is more solid.

    First I think you put too much emphasis on offense from the blueline. JM-Liles is a fine player, but he’s nowhere near our best defensemen. A better ranking of the Avs defense would be:


    FYI Foote was Mirtles Rod Langway award winner last year (best defensive defenseman) and the job that he did on Gaborik in last season’s playoffs was masterful. (FYI in Minnesota, Foster is 100x better than Skoula. Any Wild fan will tell you that)

    That Said matching up the D with the 2 you rank higher on the list looks like:


    I think in the top four all three teams are pretty even (which is a testement to their defense. Those three defenses are probably all in the leagues top 6), but the Avs 5th, 6th, and 7th defenders are light years better than either of the Wild’s and Canucks.

    Again, I guess I’m nitpicking, but I think the Avs, especially the defense, is a little underrated this season.

  6. Oh My other beef is with your analysis of the Flames D. Phaneuf is not you teams best defender, Regehr is. Phaneuf is gifted offensively, but he’s (smartly) teamed with Regehr because Regehr is able to cover for Phaneuf’s considerable (and overlooked) defensive deficiencies.

    Phaneuf is also a whiny bitch-ass coward, but that’s a topic for a different day.

  7. Thanks, js. You watch the Avs a hell of a lot more than I do … that analysis was as much about salary and ’09 potential as anything.

    As for Phaneuf/Regehr, you’re right on the “defender” part, but Phaneuf brings more all-around. Does he have defensive deficienceies? Absolutely. I’ll be the first to criticize his PK and vision when the play gets scrambly, but the “whiny bitch-ass coward” opinion held by all non-Flames fans tends to magnify those deficiencies by quite a bit.

    Also, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we all LOVE that you all hate him so much.

  8. I guess it boils down to what you want in a defenseman. Sure Phaneuf brings some offense to the table, but call me crazy but I think defensemen should be able to play solid defense.

    And Phaneuf is my least favorite player of all time, so you must be loving life (but whenever I think about it, i just go to watching Lappy kick his ass on Youtube.)

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