Depth Charts 3: Calgary Flames

The tradition continues. (It’s been three days now, that counts as a tradition around here.)

CALGARY FLAMES (42-30-10, 94 pts)
1. Jarome Iginla
2. Daymond Langkow
3. Mike Cammalleri
4. Todd Bertuzzi
5. Matthew Lombardi
6. Craig Conroy
7. Rene Bourque
8. Curtis Glencross
9. David Moss
10. Dustin Boyd
11. Wayne Primeau
12. Brandon Prust
13. Andre Roy
DIVISION RANK: 2. Analysis: Really trying to decide if this is a homer pick or not, but I like that there’s actually a third line here. Maybe it’s a GOOD fourth line doing a third-line imitation, but it’s better than last year. Plus, bottom three have an opportunity to not be embarrassing if Roy doesn’t dress too often.

1. Dion Phaneuf
2. Robyn Regehr
3. Cory Sarich
4. Adrian Aucoin
5. Jim Vandermeer
6. Mark Giordano
7. Anders Eriksson
DIVISION RANK: 4. Analysis: Flames’ onetime strength continues to be its new weakness. And it’s too bad, because the 1-2 are the best two defencemen in the division, full-stop, but they can’t play the full 60 minutes.

1. Miikka Kiprusoff
2. Curtis McElhinney
DIVISION RANK: 2. Kiprusoff is capable of a better year than Luongo, but he’s going to have to prove himself to be worthy of elite status after last year.

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~ by duncan on August 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “Depth Charts 3: Calgary Flames”

  1. i notice you’ve left warrener off the chart. which is mostly amusing and slightly ironic…. or something.

  2. The forward ranks scare me more than they do you. If some guys fulfill their promise, it won’t be too bad. If they don’t, it could get REAL ugly.

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  4. Re: Warrener, it’s because I’m only including seven guys per team, and Warrener’s at least eight, if not nine or 10 at this point. Yeah, even below Eriksson, who can at least move his feet and doesn’t try the lay-the-stick-on-the-ice move as his primary option defending the slot.

    Kent: Couldn’t agree more about the potential ugly. But looking around the division, it ain’t any prettier much anywhere else.

  5. I’m suprised you have Giordano behind Aucoin and Vandermeer. I’m also a bit with Kent, our forward group could be really ugly. I’d put Colorado ahead of us personally.

  6. Re: Gio — It’s just because I haven’t seen him in a year, but I know that Aucoin and Vandermeer are both NHL defencemen. I imagine that, after five games or so, all five of these lists are going to look quite different.

    As for the forwards, the Cgy/Col situation was my internal debate as well, and I could very easily be wrong. I justified my choice by looking at Darcy Tucker’s name a bunch of times, plus Hejduk’s due for one of his off-years.

  7. i also question moss before boyd, and primeau before prust. mostly because i think moss has already reached his proverbial ceiling, and prust is the same type of player as primeau, but will want it far more and thus play far harder….

  8. I have the same feelings as you, I was going for a mix of my feeling and the team’s feeling. If it was JUST me, I’d have put Lombo ahead of Bertuzzi.

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