Still digesting, but had to get this in

So, I’m still digesting my thoughts on the loss, the off-season and next year, and I’ve left a few of them in comment snippets here and here. Plenty to think about (and agree with) in those MG and WI entries, and the same can be said for RealDeal’s take here. I’m going to try to put it all together in the next couple of days, but in the meantime I thought I’d better get in my predictions for the second round. You know, “for the record,” and because it’s so bloody important that my NHL playoff predictions are online for all to see.

These were my calls before the first round:

Round 1
WEST: Detroit def. Nashville (5 games), San Jose def. Calgary (6), Colorado def. Minnesota (7), Anaheim def. Dallas (4).
EAST: Montreal def. Boston (4), Pittsburgh def. Ottawa (5), Washington def. Philadelphia (7), Rangers def. New Jersey (7).

Round 2
WEST: Detroit def. Colorado (5), Anaheim def. San Jose (6).
EAST: Montreal def. Rangers (6), Pittsburgh def. Washington (6)

Round 3
Anaheim def. Detroit (5), Pittsburgh def. Montreal (7)

Anaheim def. Pittsburgh (4)

Anaheim out? Oops! Silver linings? Anaheim out! Plus, I still went 6-for-8, and it’s fun to pick a new cup champ, I guess.


Round 2
WEST: Detroit def. Colorado (5), San Jose def. Dallas (5).
EAST: Montreal def. Philadelphia (6), Pittsburgh def. Rangers (7)

Round 3
Detroit def. San Jose (6), Pittsburgh def. Montreal (7)

Pittsburgh def. Detroit (7)

That’s right, I’m taking the Penguins now. I thought they’d need another year of learning before taking that step, but I like their matchup against the Red Wings way better I did against Anaheim, especially after watching how Nashville managed to win their games: Explosiveness. Detroit is about efficient, consistent excellence, but not about enthusiasm and passion — which, in years that the Devils don’t win the Cup, never wins in the end.

As for San Jose over Dallas, I still can’t get over the idea that Dallas is essentially a lucky team that gets away with a lot of interference and opportunism — like the opportunity to play a Ducks team that clearly wasn’t interested in another Stanley Cup run. The Sharks are better than that, but not better than the Red Wings. In fact, they basically are the Red Wings, but with inferior coaching and more youth.

I like Montreal over Pittsburgh for goaltending and depth on the back end, and Pittsburgh over the Rangers for the opposite: Power play and depth on the forward lines.

Also for the record: I’m still in love with Game 7. I just HATE Game 7 Losses.

Different thing altogether.


~ by duncan on April 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Still digesting, but had to get this in”

  1. I’m sort of glad Anaheim is out, but I’m like you, I picked an Anaheim/Penguins final, so now my pool is totally f’ed.

  2. Yes I’m still in heaven over Dallas beating Anaheim. Randy Carlisle, Teemu Sellane and Chris Pronger and the rest of that sleazy outfit won’t have a chance to put their cloven hooves on the cup. A lot of people at work are watching Montreal now. I’m kind of burnt out from this season and I’m taking a break from sports.

  3. your 1st round selections were better than the monkey’s…

  4. I have a hard time getting my head around that Dallas team too. They simply shouldn’t be that good. It helps that Turco is playing great and Morrow/Ribeiro AND Hagman all took big steps forward this year, but…sheesh. And now they’re beating the hell out of the Sharks!

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