Phaneuf: $39M over six years, and it’s on to the next ‘problem’

Jumping in on this kind of late this afternoon, so I will first point you to my friends who’ve already got this covered like champs:

Five Hole Fanatics
Hit the Post
Open Ice Hits
Battle of Alberta

Now, because it’s SO IMPORTANT, here’s my initial take:

1. It’s the right move, and a discounted rate when put up against the Crosby and Ovechkin contracts. It will look especially good in 2014, methinks. As MetroGnome at Five Hole often says, Phaneuf is a generational talent. He’s only getting better. As I’ve said before, there are few players who are noticed by everyone, every time they’re on the ice. That means they’re always changing the game. Dion is one of them.

2. Yes, the Aucoin, Warrener, Nilson and Primeau contracts look pretty big right now. And, yes, I’m concerned about what’s going to happen with Huselius and Langkow with an uncertain salary cap next year. But I’m not panicky about it — not even focused on it. There are a lot of options out there for Darryl Sutter, and I think there are takers out there for Aucoin and Warrener, even at those prices — which might look less damaging on another team’s books. I think after locking up Cornerstone No. 4, each at less than market value, we can reasonably assume that at least one of Huselius or Langkow will be willing to do the same.

3. Uh, I don’t have a No. 3 right now. Nice win last night — I was out, didn’t PVR, came in with five minutes left and couldn’t have been happier with my choices on the evening. I’m pretty sure my osso buco was better than the first two periods. What I will say is, it seems to me the Flames came through on my challenge from yesterday. “I mark tonight’s game against the Coyotes as a true test. The No. 1 guy is back in goal, and the Flames have to prove they’re really, really interested in winning.” Good times.


~ by duncan on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “Phaneuf: $39M over six years, and it’s on to the next ‘problem’”

  1. duncan. where the hell have you been ?

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