Well, at least Godard’s out tonight

Mike Keenan’s thoughts on Eric Godard’s junior-style rabble-rousing last night might be the one good thing to come out of last night. From the Herald’s Inside the Flames blog:

“That showed complete lack of discipline … I have no idea why he acted the way he did. It’s certainly not condoned by our coaching staff or by our team.”

Godard’s out via suspension tonight for his third game misconduct of the year and, if all’s right, he’ll be out via being useless after that. Perhaps that was the kick in the ass Keenan needed to remove the ineffective insurance policy for good.

Now, here’s what I think happened last night. I think the coaching staff rode the guys hard for not protecting Jarome Iginla and reacting more strongly against Dallas. And I think the Flames took that into the Edmonton game, along with taking the Oilers’ skills lightly.

So you end up with both guys in your top defence pairing — Cory Sarich and Robyn Regehr — fighting the other team’s “tough guy,” and spend 15 minutes in total without at least one of them in the game. And by the time the third period hits, and your coach has decided to think about tomorrow, your own “tough guy” is feeling sheepish for having not gotten involved, and he runs out there thinking he still plays for the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

It was bush. That wasn’t Jarome Iginla showing a lack of wisdom trying to goad Mathieu Schneider into something at the end of Game 5 in the playoffs last year, trying to get his team going. That was a marginal NHLer showing why he’s actually less than marginal — trying to explain why he’s in the lineup when your team’s TOP THREE DEFENCEMEN have already fought on the night.

Full marks to the Oilers for seeing what was in front of them and taking advantage. For the Flames, that’s as bad as it’s going to get.

I mark tonight’s game against the Coyotes as a true test. The No. 1 guy is back in goal, and the Flames have to prove they’re really, really interested in winning.

Lose, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sutter’s making his trade move sooner rather than later.


~ by duncan on February 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Well, at least Godard’s out tonight”

  1. good lord please let godard take a few more games off…..

  2. 1-0 without Godard in 2008!

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