The Stars suck, and so does the Flames’ PP UPDATED

Yeah, I know that Dallas won that game on Saturday, but let’s be honest here: Their strategy was, and seems to be: “We take penalties when you want, and we’ll kill them off with this great PK we have. Then we’ll squeak out wins with seeing-eye shots and earn a nice playoff seed.

“And then, when a team has the time to focus on just us in a playoff series, break down our shit and punish us for those penalties, we’ll go out in the first round again. Yay!”

Dave Tippett’s been around a long time for not having done a thing in the playoffs, and Mike Ribeiro isn’t going to be a guy who can make a difference for a team when it comes down to it in April and May.

But hey, this is Flames Blog, right? It’s not as though Dallas was cheating to win. The problem there, and it IS a problem during the regular season, is that if Kristian Huselius is in one of his slumps, which he is right now, there ain’t nothing happening on the power play. When Huselius is feeling good, playing confidently, etc., he freezes the opposition whenever he handles the puck, which in turn creates room for not just himself, but Jarome Iginla and Dion Phaneuf (don’t think their slumps aren’t connected to this Kristian thing). Don’t get me wrong: It’s Iggy and Dion who drive the bus most of the time. But on the power play, it’s Huselius, and he isn’t getting it done right now. Mike Keenan was right to swap Tanguay on the top line at times on Saturday, and I won’t complain if he tries it again tonight.

Speaking of tonight, the Flames get to face the slumping Oilers — slumping, yes, but reinforced by noted Flames killer Curtis Glencross, recently acquired for the equally prominent defenceman Dick Tarnstrom.

Much intrigue to follow. Is it It is Cujo night. Will Tanguay continue with Iginla and Langkow — and then, will that move be referred to for the next three weeks as “showcasing” for a potential deadline deal? Will it be the Oilers’ first chance to perform for a new owner? I CAN’T STAND THE ANTICIPATION!

(Also, one more thing on the Dallas game: Tell me why Godard doesn’t take a shift with Iginla and lay a pounding on Steve Ott? If the answer is “it’s a close game,” then there’s absolutely no reason for Godard to take up a lineup spot, because most games are close. Keenan’s come a long way this year in leaving bad old habits behind. This “gotta dress the tough guy” one is another that has to go.)

UPDATE: No Shawn Horcoff for Edmonton tonight, or for any other night. Mark Spector reports he’s done for the year with an injured labrum. Also, Cujo will definitely get his first start.


~ by duncan on February 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Stars suck, and so does the Flames’ PP UPDATED”

  1. Dallas was a puzzle to me heading into the game and now I know why they are where they are – they’re fucking luckier than a leprechaun with a four leaf clover. Mike Ribeiro shooting at 30%, Niklas Hagman scoring from odd angles through dime sized slots, pucks bouncing wide/into Turco/onto posts…that was just ridiculous. I hear you on the PP thing as well, although any other game the Flames get at least 3 goals with the man advantage playing like that (Turco’s improbable saves, a couple of posts and a disallowed goal).

    As for Godard, again, agreed. I have no idea what the point of dressing a “nuclear deterrent” who doesn’t fight and can’t deter is.

  2. Both those goals were ridiculously unlikely. Y’know, the longer I think about that game, the more I hate the Stars. I need a good hate-on this year, too. I still can’t believe the Flames let the final buzzer sound without somebody doing something to Ott.

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