Apparently, the home stretch is all about numbers

Good look at “The Final 30” from MetroGnome at Five Hole Fanatics yesterday.

Of the remaining 33 games, nearly half (16) are against non-play-off opponents, which is the good news. Thirteen are also against divisional opponents, including the final 9 matches of the year. That may prove to be a pivotal stretch of games, depending on how things shake out the next few weeks.

Aye. And despite a long, oft-mentioned-by-Roger-Millions, stretch of road games at the end of the season (nine of the last 13), I like both the 16 and the 9 numbers in that paragraph. They’re numbers that allow the Flames to succeed.

So what are we talking about having to experience here in the next 33 games, really? I’ve got some ideas:

  • At least one significant trade. I think we’ve all learned that Darryl Sutter isn’t going to stand pat. And we’re probably going to be surprised at who’s involved when it happens. On both sides. Plus, tens of thousands of Alex Tanguay trade rumours.
  • A settling down of the defensive game and goaltending, and continued up-and-downs from the offence. But a settled-down back end means it won’t be such a big deal when Huselius and Iginla don’t score for a few games.
  • A division championship. The Flames are in the best position to do this right now. It’s too late in the season for Colorado to overcome their injury problems, and they’ll miss the playoffs. Luongo will pull Vancouver into the post-season also, and Minnesota will squeak in too, while Edmonton provides Anaheim with a fantastic draft choice.
  • Good hockey times!

And with that, I’m ready for action. We’re saved from the Roger and Charlie show tonight with Flames-Sharks broadcast on TSN tonight, which means I’ll enjoy it even though the Flames have been off for so long it’s bound to be a bad start for Calgary at the very least. Bleh. Lines/pairings? From the last game, can we anticipate:



Probably not. But we can hope.

Also, I was feeling pretty special yesterday when I found out that I can make the same assessment as Ron Sutter about Quad City prospects (particularly Pardy, McElhinney and Prust) after watching just one game. Then again, perhaps I should be concerned about that for the Flames’ sake …

More good news on John Negrin from the Kootenay Ice in there, though. Add him to the mix pointed out in the comments from my Quad City post by walkinvisible (Puustinen, Taratukhin, Giordano and Backlund), and perhaps the prospect basket doesn’t look so empty after all.


~ by duncan on January 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Apparently, the home stretch is all about numbers”

  1. Yeah, I saw Negrin play last night. Kootenay was atrocious, but he was decent. Quite so. He’ll be a good addition to the system.

  2. Im going to see a Kootney/Hitmen game next month I believe. Im looking forward to seeing Negrin in action – he’s sounding like a Boydian mid-round steal right now.

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