I’ve decided to spend some time on the farm

I opened the paper this morning to discover that the Quad City Flames, they of the remarkably bizarre and ugly logo, would be playing just down the road from me this afternoon. Coincidentally, the turbostrip (or whatever they call the bank of lit ad boards that encircle arenas these days) at the Raptors game last night informed me that tickets to Toronto Marlies games start at just $10!

So I’m there.

(I see now, thanks to MetroGnome, that the game is also on TV. But seeing as I only ever see the Flames on TV, it would be a bit lazy of me to sit around the house for this one.)

Curious about this? Of course. I went to the one game the old Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights played in Toronto last year, too, and discovered the potential of David van der Gulik and Curtis McElhinney and, of course, Finnish wonder Tomi Maki. (Not so much on the last one, just trying to make walkinvisible jealous.) Plenty to look out for this year — guys I haven’t seen before (Matt Pelech), guys I have who might have something to prove after being returned to the farm (Eric Nystrom, McElhinney), guys who seem to have some potential (Adam Pardy). And I’m sure there’s a van der Gulik out there this year who I haven’t heard of.

Expect a full report.

Since I haven’t been around in a while: I’m feeling very good about the Calgary Flames right now. The winning swagger is back, of course, but there have been a few happy changes lately to get me in the right mood, most covered well by other Flames bloggers: Lombardi playing with real NHLers and providing secondary scoring, Eriksson out and better defence in, Miikka Kiprusoff again causing Roger Millions to burp out his love on a regular basis.

On the Tanguay trade-rumour reversal: Darryl Sutter’s cold-water dousing of that one feels good. The numbers, the play, the depth all convinces me that he needs to stick around. But in Toronto, I’ve had a bunch of Leafs fans try to convince me he’s on his way here in a package for Sundin (that would surely also include four to five first-round picks), because we all know what a genius Cliff Fletcher is. (Incidentally, this is the funniest thing in ages.)

I don’t think Tanguay’s coming here, but I had somebody (not a Leafs fan) present an interesting argument for such a deal yesterday, based on a few assumptions:

1. You need two good scoring lines to win a Stanley Cup.
2. There’s no good reason to break up Langkow, Huselius and Iginla, because there’s usually money.
3. Mats Sundin has proven he can play centre with anyone and turn his line into one that scores.
4. Sundin, Huselius and Iginla on the power play would destroy.

I like Sundin, and I agree with Nos. 2 through 4 most certainly, while a good argument could be made for No. 1. But that deal, of course, presents the real possibility that the Flames become the Sabres of 08-09, and start the year with Iginla, Lombardi and nobody else up front.



~ by duncan on January 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “I’ve decided to spend some time on the farm”

  1. If Tanguay was traded for 30+ games of Sundin, I’d stop cheering for the Flames and I’d burn Sutter in effigy.

  2. If it was that simple, I would completely agree. But what it could end up being is 30+ games of Sundin and Huselius, Langkow and Phaneuf all back next season.

    Of course, it might not end up that way …

  3. i really don’t see how —sundin aside— we’re gonna have the dough to sign huselius, langkow and phaneuf. dion is looking frighteningly like a 7-to-8 million dollar/year guy that a building team would probably not think twice about. (do you not see a team like LA foregoing a guy like rob blake and his 6mil/year for a guy like dion for 7 ???) . presuming sutter matches that, we’ll probably have to sacrifice langkow or huselius (and, for positional reasons discussed last week, i would have to agree that langkow is gonna be the odd man out). *sigh*

    but more importantly, HOW WAS MY BOY ??!?!

  4. Trading Tanguay might help Sutter sign ONE of Husliues, Langkow or Phaneuf. Certainly not all 3. Neither Langkow nor Huselius replace Tanguay, so that’s a step backwards…

    This trade deadline is going to be something else in Flames land.

  5. I agree that neither Langkow nor Huselius replace Tanugay. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing a Tanguay move. I just bring it up ’cause, like you said, this trade deadline is going to be something else in Flames land.

  6. If I was in the country that day, and knew you were going, I probably would have tagged along…

  7. Sundin would help any team. He is talented, consistent and strong. Just hope he returns to the Leafs if he leaves for a play-off run.

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