Listing, lazily: Beginning my countdown of the best and worst Flames ever

This time of year in media is always superfun, as news-starved (and staff starved) outlets solve all their problems with lists and years-in-review. Since a year-in-review for the Flames for 2007 would be, uh, not that superfun, I thought today, in the absence of a game, I’d do a list — a couple of them, actually — as I begin a  countdown of my 10 favourite, and 10 least-favourite, Calgary Flames of all time.

Is it predictable? Yes. Lazy? Maybe, but it’s better than not posting at all. And I’m betting you readers out there have an opinion on this, too. I’ll start from 10 and count down to 1. Coincidentally, both No. 10s are goalies, one of whom took over from the other …

10. Roman Turek (2001-2004)
Though his voluntary pay-cut to stay with the team (which never meant anything because of the lockout) softened me a bit on this guy, it’s too hard to get over the fact that he took a big contract and immediately went into the tank. Now, this is as much the fault of Craig Button, the John Ferguson Jr. of his day, as it is of Turek. But his stumbles, and the fact he was replaced by saviour Miikka Kiprusoff, means he’ll always represent the end of the horrible Young Guns era for me.

Stats with Flames
Regular season: 152 GP, 63-68-20, 2.52 GAA.

10. Miikka Kiprusoff (2003-present)
I’ve always had a thing for goalies, but Kiprusoff would make the list for this 2004 Cup-run exploits alone. That said, this is a guy who’s won a Vezina Trophy, set a modern record for goals-against average, shaves only intermittently and is the blandest interview in team history. So he’s talented AND quirky, just like a goalie should be. (Plus, “Kipper” is a good nickname, and every goalie needs one of those.)

Stats with Flames (through Dec. 19)
Regular season: 220 GP, 123-65-29, 2.25 GAA/
Playoffs: 39 GP, 20-19, 2.06 GAA


~ by duncan on December 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Listing, lazily: Beginning my countdown of the best and worst Flames ever”

  1. this is a bit anti-climactic for me, since i know #1 best will be our boy loob, and i presume #1 worst will be zyuzin… 😉 x

  2. I think worst is a harder list to put together than best. I mean, there’s a LOT to choose from. Remember Andrei Trefilov (sp?)?

    So many memories.

  3. I think you may have to list at least a couple of requirements for the lists…

    There should obviously be a minimum games played requirement, as a guy that didn’t play, didn’t really affect how the team performed (even if they did eat up salary)…

    Of course, if the guy was on the roster for a number of years and rarely suited up, that is a little different…

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