The “big” return to Tampa

Thanks to this picture on the National Post website (nice redesign, no?), I was reminded that for the entirety of the 2005-06 season, we were stuck watching that damn Dave Andreychuk hoist the Stanley Cup every Saturday at the end of the Hockey Night in Canada intro. Thus, I have unreasonable hate for Dave Andreychuk, who had a very nice career and I’m sure is a great guy.

Uh, that completely unnecessary paragraph is meant to somehow introduce that tonight, thanks to NHL scheduling genius, Calgary’s back into Tampa for the first time since Dave’s big day. Is that supposed to make this a big deal? Calgary’s coach is different, Tampa’s goalie is in Chicago and both teams have struggled to be elite ever since. So, no matter what Jarome says about bad memories, I don’t think so.

In any case, I like the Flames’ chances tonight. They’ve been strong defensively in recent times, and goals aren’t extra-hard to come by against Torts and co. And of course, a win in Tampa tonight will make that Game 7 loss a distant memory, and be equally as great as winning a Stanley Cup. Yeah!

(Incidentally, I’m a fan of the new Tampa uniforms, particularly the logo. That old one was all-time bad — the two-typeface setup on the chest was particularly bad, especially the “Tampa Bay” part that looked like doctor scrawl. Ugh. Anyway, better uniforms and fun forwards should make this a great game to watch as well.)

(Also incidentally, worth a trip over to Five Hole for some hilarious use of capital letters and the word “stonehands,” as well as some of the usual astute analysis of the Calgary hockey club from our friend MetroGnome.)


~ by duncan on December 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “The “big” return to Tampa”

  1. Hehehe, nights like this, I miss Torts’ post-game interviews…

  2. hahahe…and the STONEHANDS proved my point tonight. 9 goals for, and the only one they’re in on is empty-netter by Nolan.

    Boy is Iginla ever in top form. The team may not be, but he sure is.

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