I’m back, but I’m not happy yet

A whole month has passed since my last entry, which is indefensible regardless of how occupied or bored or distracted I might be. For this I apologize, and pledge to be better. And, as I’m pretty sure I’ve done before here, I pledge to not blog about my blogging practices anymore, either. So, on with it … I intend to once again appear here regularly, but try to be a bit more efficient. When a topic deserves many words, it will get it. Otherwise, I’ll be short. And when I have nothing to say about what’s happening right now, I’ll reminisce about the days when I idolized Hakan Loob and Reggie Lemelin …

Flames 2 Panthers 1 (SO) 

As the Flames wandered into Florida tonight with roughly the same record as the Panthers, I wonder if the aware hockey fans down there are kind of snickering that yet another team has fallen to Mike Keenan. I would be doing that if I were them.

As time goes by, I keep trying to convince myself that this isn’t Keenan’s fault. I like how he calls out Miikka Kiprusoff — he has been bad this year, and why shouldn’t his coach call him to task for it? Why is it that the Flames will look incredible for 40 minutes, horrible for 20, and lose the game? Must be a lack of focus, and you can’t put that on the coach —  it’s the players.

But then, tonight, you come this close to losing again, to this Panthers team with roughly the same record, but a much inferior lineup. And you see teams with similarly inferior lineups (as bad as the third- and fourth-line depth is, it isn’t any worse than in, say, Columbus) with better records. And what’s the difference?

It isn’t just Kiprusoff, though his start has been a big reason. It’s a team that hasn’t shown that it knows how to win when it matters most. This far into the season, it’s a team that hasn’t displayed with any consistency that it understands what it needs to do as a group to win games.

Do you trust two road wins in a row? The comforting pieces are there —  solid defence, Miikka Kiprusoff, Jarome Iginla. But is beating Floridas and Chicagos by the skin of your teeth a sign that things are really getting better?

Crap, I’ve returned with not a lot of optimism. This season is beating me down.

P.S.: Anyone notice Jimmy was wearing the canary shirt tonight? Nice!


~ by duncan on December 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’m back, but I’m not happy yet”

  1. Keenan’s done things I’ve liked (see playing Lombardi and Boyd a lot) and some things I haven’t (see playing Conroy a lot). Im not sure the bad can be hung on him though. His defense is slow and injury prone and he has a big gaping hole on the RW (where Nolan was SUPPOSED to slot in). Sutter deserves as much blame as anyone at this juncture.

    But, as mentioned, the return of an effective Kipper will sooth a lot of ills.

  2. Ha ha, I noticed the canary shirt, but he’s slightly more authoritative looking with that goatee.

    We seem to be rounding a bit of a corner but we’ve all seen this before so I’ll hold my glee.

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