Flames def. Most, Avs def. Flames: A sometimes drunken week in review

This is a blog ostensibly about the Calgary Flames, but lately it’s been about ME. I do not intend to have this trend continue indefinitely, but when your life is like mine has been for the past few weeks, it’s a bit easier to write about yourself than provide astute hockey analysis. So let me take you through the past four games.

Last Friday
Game 4
Flames 3 Stars 2 (OT)
Record: 1-2-1-0

In case you didn’t read the last entry, I was in Calgary for a quick four days last week which, sadly, coincided only with two road games — including Saturday’s, which from what I can tell is the only game this season televised NOWHERE. So on this night, I went to the pub with my brother and learned of the Flames comeback victory via cellphone web browser. I can’t say I didn’t smile and enjoy an additional pint in celebration.

Last Saturday
Game 5
Flames 7 Predators 4
Record: 2-2-1-0

As I said, the only game this season televised nowhere. So walkinvisible and I went to Flames Central, enjoyed expensive beer, the Leafs game, and occasional PA updates from Flames radio guy Rob Kerr — the Godard winner, of course, being the most enjoyable. Later, as WI pointed out in the last entry’s comments, I “get drunk, nearly get arrested, meet a dude with a balloon hat and lose your ability to write much of anything.” And that’s all that’s going to be said about that. Calgary does something to me now that I don’t quite understand, but am blaming on the altitude after living at or close to sea level for the past four years.

On Flames Central: There’s a lot of money in that place. I imagine it would actually be a hell of a lot of fun on a Flames game night, but I don’t see how it’s going to stay afloat if the crowd’s that small on a Saturday when they’re not on TV.

Game 6
Avalanche 5 Flames 4 (SO)
Record: 2-2-1-1

I missed the first period, so I can’t say whether the Flames were lucky to have a 3-0 lead in the first place. But while there’s no “proper” excuse for blowing a 4-0 lead, two of the Avs’ goals were definitely flukey, particularly the Zyuzinesque Eriksson kick-in. But the Warrener-Huselius cross-up behind the goal on the Sauer tying goal was atom-level bad and, anyway, Kipper should have had that one. There’s something about the Avalanche now … they’re like the Canucks, something about them the Flames just can’t solve.

Game 7
Flames 4 Kings 3
Record 3-2-1-1

This was only the second game of which I’ve been able to watch 60 minutes all year (which says a little something about my time constraints), and I have to say: I’m feeling extremely optimistic. Again, the adjustment the Flames made after a sub-par first period is a huge, huge improvement over last season. The Flames saw what they were getting from the Kings and did what was necessary to create a winning gameplan — use speed to draw penalties, capitalize on power-plays, and put their hottest players together (Huselius, Iginla and Langkow looked fantastic when out as a group). Even better, they’re winning with a still sub-par Kipper (he won’t allow the Dustin Brown goal in November), and Deb Mantejicka, say what you want, is an enormous improvement over Mark Stiles by any measure as a host for Flames Pay Per View.

Sadly, Roger Millions and Charlie Simmer are already in mid-season form. Which is to say, they’re the worst broadcast tandem on Centre Ice, by far. I swear, I have no idea what we did to deserve Roger Millions 50 times a year. I feel an excellent rant coming on here, but I don’t have the patience right now to explain my position more clearly, so I’ll shut up. But be warned Roger: It’s coming.

Finally: This two-goal scorer in every game thing is getting ridiculous; and Lombardi is looking mighty fine, and mighty useful, on the third line with Nilson and Moss — which is something I didn’t think possible. Still, that brief moment last night where he was out with Huselius and Nolan was bloody satisfying. If only my boy Craiggers Conroy didn’t make such a great play on the Iginla goal …


~ by duncan on October 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Flames def. Most, Avs def. Flames: A sometimes drunken week in review”

  1. fan-fucking-tastic… 😉

  2. I watched all the Avs game, and no the Flames were not lucky to have a 3-0 lead. They completely outplayed the Avs.

    The Avs were completely totally lucky to tie that game up. I’ll take it, but I think everyone in the Avs side of things felt like we got away with one, and got points when we shouldn’t have had any.

  3. let me know where to send the pix of you and the balloon hat guy. also the one of you and i at FC is pretty swell… x

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