Flyers def. Flames: If I keep emphasizing the positives, it’s all going to work out in the end

Game 1
Flyers 3 Flames 2

Record: 0-1-0-0

Honestly, that could have been worse. And despite the loss on that massive brain-cramp rush (it was a dumb flip by Anders Eriksson, but the whole team was way too committed on that play considering who was on the ice), there was one enormously good sign last night: The Flames were a third period team.

My biggest frustration with the team last year, by far, was its inability to adjust to its competition and figure out a way to get back into games. Last night, they overcame a bad first period and two-goal deficit, and really should have enjoyed a better fate. Keenan adjusted his lines, and the team Flames advantage of their power plays to get back in the game.

More positives:
•  Langkow is clearly on. Both goals were beauties, and not easy —  though the point shot from Phaneuf and pass from Tanguay were perfect feeds, Tanguay’s cross-ice job in particular.

•  Phaneuf looked like the undisputed leader on the back-end.

• The uniforms don’t look nearly as bad in action as I thought they would.

• CBC’s HD is clearly better this year, though I was really hoping they’d dump the cheesy old-school back-room studios where MacLean and Oake host their interviews. It looked bad enough in standard TV, but in HD it looks like a cheapola web video. Did anyone notice during Behind the Mask that a fly was buzzing about throughout? It spent a lot of quality time on Hrudey’s left shoulder.

• Well, Eriksson’s giveaway. Can anyone say Zyuzinesque?

• I know he’s been out with an injury, but how does starting Lombardi with Nilson and Yelle help out anything?

Matt’s point about the vast difference in ability between the Top 6 and Bottom 6 forwards looked pretty bloody true last night. The fourth line may not score a goal this year.

I’m behind on a preview and predictions for both the Flames and the leagues, but I get to make my own deadlines here. It’s on the way.


~ by duncan on October 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Flyers def. Flames: If I keep emphasizing the positives, it’s all going to work out in the end”

  1. The 4th line, as it stands right now, is no better than abysmal. When they iced the puck and the Flyers put out the Briere line I said “this is NOT good.” You could see the ensuing goal coming a mile away (didn’t help that Aucoin was on the ice at the time either).

  2. i appreciate your positivity. truly. i made the same point about lombo/nilson/yelle, though in a much more venomous way. lombo/huselius/nolan is better, but i still think nolan/conroy/primeau looks pretty sharp as a third line.

    phaneuf/sarich, you mean (in looking really great. sarich had a shithot game, to be sure.

    truly, we should have won that game, or AT LEAST gotten the single point.

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