New jerseys: Good lord, say it isn’t true

An anonymous commenter over at Covered in Oil just linked to this:


Uh, I know we’ll get it for real in about 10 minutes, but for f’s sake, did they really have to come THAT close to doing a nice job before INCLUDING THE ALBERTAN AND CANADIAN FLAGS ON THE SHOULDERS?

Are Calgarians supposed to be so stupid they can’t remember where they’re from without reminders next to each eye? And has anyone noticed that the Alberta flag is blue? Yeah, blue looks really, really special on red, yellow and black. And isn’t the colour of any of the Flames’ rivals at all.

I can only pray this is a sick joke and I’ll be issuing a retraction in five minutes. But something tells me I’m going to be making some shoulder modifications to my new jersey this fall.

A full report later, when I’m finished smoking a full pack of cigarettes and kicking a hole in my wall.

UPDATE: It’s true. Fuck.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a video from the reveal. I’m starting to calm down a bit and accept the positives. The typography, which was never a problem, is the same. I really like the classic striping on the shorts and socks, and the weird underarm piping could be worse. And the red lace on the white jersey looks really sharp. If we’re lucky, the flags only last a year and are replaced in favour of a more marketable secondary logo.

Wait, maybe that’s worse.

UPDATE 3: While National Post cracks some rather appropriate jokes, MetroGnome and walkinvisible decide they like it (though WI thinks the Alberta flag is a taunt towards poorer provinces, which is kind of hilarious.)

UPDATE 4: I take it all back again, after walkinvisible found this picture. I was fooled by the angles. The two stripes on either side of the “breezers” are too much (what’s wrong with one simple stripe on each side?), and the downward push of the stripes on the back of the socks is ridiculous. I should have been more diligent in my research. And I should have really known better. Calgary is not exactly a hub of great taste. It’s a miracle the Flaming C has lasted this long.


~ by duncan on September 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “New jerseys: Good lord, say it isn’t true”

  1. I actually don’t mind the flags, but the jersey is still a step down from the previous generation.

  2. i only bothered to look at the jersey this afternoon, and it wasn’t till this evening that i bothered to check the rest of the uniform. dude. how on EARTH can you like the “classic striping” on the shorts and socks ?? okay, fine. the socks aren’t that bad. but the breezers look ridiculous. if you look at the last era uniform, it’s much more cohesive as a design…

  3. Yeah, I can’t believe I didn’t see the angle on your blog. Hence, Update 4.

  4. You think Calgary’s are bad, try taking a look at the Dallas Stars’. They’re awful, especially the black ones.

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