Introducing your depth defenceman, Anders Eriksson

Here’s a shocker: Darryl Sutter signs a former first-round pick! Anders Eriksson, 22nd overall pick of the Red Wings in 1993, will challenge Rhett Warrener, Mark Giordano and David Hale for spots 5 and 6 on the D next year.

“As per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.” But as usual, the PA and TSN will tell us in a few minutes, so don’t worry.

Can’t say I’m that familiar with Eriksson, but it isn’t that promising to know he’s bounced back and forth from the minors as recently as 03-04, and split the 05-06 season between Russia and the AHL before playing 79 games (and gathering 22 assists) with the crappy Blue Jackets last season. Sounds like the perfect player for Mike Keenan, and the perfect new Andrei Zyuzin for we bloggers. I will do my research when I have the time, which is not now. When I have that time, I will also count all the first-round picks on the roster, although we have offloaded the aforementioned Andrea.

Enjoy your day.

Update: Oops, forgot to mention depth forward Grant Stevenson. I have no opinion, other than he’d better not get the playing time we should be giving to our emerging friends in Quad Cities. Grant, while I’m sure he’s a nice guy, doesn’t exactly scream “long-term potential.”

Update 2: MetroGnome, who’s always on the ball, recalls that this is the second go-round for Anders in the Flames’ organization. He also wonders, as I have at times, if this marks the end of the Warrener era …


~ by duncan on July 5, 2007.

One Response to “Introducing your depth defenceman, Anders Eriksson”

  1. hopefully Giordano doesnt get put in Quad Cities, that would be retarded,
    but anyways i just wanted you to check out my Flames Blog, I have only had for about a month now and I just wanted it to get around the web….and maybe be a part of your Flames blogs on the side of your blog but anyways just check it out.

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