Stuart does go West, but not with a splash

So Brad Stuart signs for less per annum than Cory Sarich, and gets only a one-year deal from the L.A. Kings. His long-reported desire to head back out west couldn’t possibly be strong enough to take that pittance … I wonder if he turned down better deals from teams that went in different directions, and is now regretting it? $3.5 million for one year is awfully small … methinks this doesn’t bode well for Sheldon Souray’s prospects at a big money deal.

Weird thing is, I think I’d rather have Cory Sarich on that contract anyway at this point.

Oh, and a fond farewell to Byron Ritchie, who gets to play with Matt Cooke now instead of hate him. Ritchie was a useful player around Calgary, especially during injurious times last year. His talent has a ceiling, but I think in the right situation he could be a 40-point guy, and the forward-poor Canucks might be that situation.


~ by duncan on July 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Stuart does go West, but not with a splash”

  1. I agree, I’ll miss Ritchie for sure. Good character guy, arguably not enough Ritchies on this team.

  2. The Stuart situation is a curious one. I think he narrowed the teams down to a modest few and ONLY negotiated with them. Also, his agent may have persuaded him to sign a one year-deal with a view to putting up better numbers this year and cashing in next summer.

  3. stuart never really worked out, in my opinion. for a guy billed as a top 2 blueliner, i thought he was only ever average. i get more and more excited every day about watching sarich and regehr gel as a pair, and feasibly play together for the next 5 years. i’m so jazzed about how good they might be in about 2 or 3 years….!

    i’ll miss ritchie as well, but primeau should be able to perform in that role equally well. and i like the idea of nilson/yelle/primeau OR primeau/langkow/nolan. fuck, is it really only july ??? i have to wait another 3 months to see these guys skate ???!?


  4. Not quite that long … doesn’t camp open in September?

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