Now appearing on your second line, Owen Nolan

Y’know, after I wrote yesterday that I still wanted an upgrade on Moss on the second line, I looked at the list of remaining availables and figured there was no way Darryl Sutter could look past Owen Nolan. Well, I should have committed that to this blog, because he damn well couldn’t.

Nolan, it was generally reported, had a not-so-bad second half to last season playing on that godawful Phoenix Coyotes team and putting up GrandpAmonte-type numbers (76 GP, 16 G, 24 A, 40 P). He is, though, an upgrade over Tony Amonte, based simply on his physical play and aggressiveness alone. Also, I don’t remember him being guilty of a single really bad offside in all the games I saw Phoenix play this season, including those against the Flames and probably two or three others. And one-year/$2-million if all the bonuses come through isn’t breaking the bank for a guy who will play on the second line and create room for Huselius and Langkow, presuming that’s where he ends up.

Is he the golden ticket to the Stanley Cup? No, but it’s better than a lot of other things, including spending $5.5 million a season over four years to Roman Hamrlik. Seriously, what is Bob Gainey thinking? I mean, I have absolutely nothing against Hamrlik as a player, and he was fantastic over the last two seasons in Calgary. But $5.5 million for a 33-year-old, 35-point guy is nutballs, and probably the worst contract doled out so far.

So, your updated lineup:




Surely they’re going to let Prust or Taratukhin or van der Gulik or Johnny Surprise to take that No. 12 spot. Actually, surely my ass. There’s probably a trade to come yet, or an out-of-left-field signing, but I hope the Flames let one of their guys develop this year like they did last with Moss.

I’d also still like to see them find a way to work Warrener out of the picture. I hear the Islanders are hurting a bit right now …

Finally, the Flames have come right out and said that they’re working on contract extensions not only for Jarome Iginla, but Robyn Regehr as well. As happy as I am to hear that, it’s a bit concerning that you could mention all that and not bring up a Kipper contract. I suppose I’ll just hope that Miikka doesn’t like to talk contract while he’s on summer vacation in Finland.

P.S.: Bertuzzi to Anaheim? That, combined with Niedermayer’s likely retirement, and you won’t be seeing the Ducks repeat.


~ by duncan on July 2, 2007.

10 Responses to “Now appearing on your second line, Owen Nolan”

  1. TSN reports that Robyn Regehr has signed an extension. 5 yrs, $20 million.

  2. Thanks MTC. If that’s accurate, first thought is that it’s an A1 freakin’ bargain, especially considering the Hannan and Hamrlik contracts.

  3. i am going to try to keep an open mind on nolan. though i am not at all convinced it’s a good pickup, sortof reeks of desparation if you ask me, but i guess he’s a decent player if healthy (is he healthy ??)…

    a lot of question marks for me, with this new look squad. any/all of keenan, aucoin and nolan could be amazing, or could be devastating.

    oh, and tömi mäki will look awesome on that third line…

  4. fourth line, i mean

  5. I was just sitting around here tonight thinking about what a bizarro off-season it’s been. I think I’m at the point where if the alternative was nothing, I’d rather have this.

    Love the attention to detail on the umlauts, by the way. If Mäki makes the team, I’m going to expect regular post-game reports on his progress and style.

  6. if mäki makes the team, i will have to move back to calgary fulltime. 😉

  7. If Maki makes the team I’ll eat my shoe.

  8. Well now it’s gotta happen.

  9. what kinda shoes you got ? i hope they’re not too big… (of COURSE it’s a longshot, but so was daveyboy moss !!!)…. 😀

  10. I have some steel-toed Doc Marten leather boots. How about one of those?

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