Five years, $18M for Cory Sarich; Iggy to extend? (Updated)

Well, I can’t say I saw this one coming. Of course, I was pretty fixated on the whole Scott Hannan thing, which I suppose is still not entirely out of the question. (And one might argue that my “Darryl has dug up some reason to hand $2.5M per to Brent Sopel” joke prediction has sort of come true.)

I know very, very little about Cory Sarich, except for that he’s not poorly regarded, he’s a western boy (big surprise), he’s big (6-3, 210), and he won the Stanley Cup the year the Flames didn’t. Commenter PB over at MetroGnome’s place seems to agree with MG that he can play in the Top 4. I hope that’s true.

I wonder, though, what’s going to happen with Hannan. Assuming you could convince him to play in Calgary, and he would only cost an additional $1.4 million a year over five (5/$25 seems about right for him), would that extra not have been better spent to bring him into the fold? My lack of information about Sarich surely has something to do with the fact there’s not that much to say … Hannan, on the other hand, is constantly in the discussion when it comes to World Cup and Olympic teams. Pulling him away from another Western Conference contender would also be a bonus.

So, your lineup?




That defence is better than passable — although I presume another depth guy to support David Hale is on the way — and up front, I’d like to see someone stronger (and not Ryan Smyth) brought in to replace Moss in the Top 6. That would put him on the third line where he belongs, and Quad Cities types like Prust, Taratukhin and Nystrom can battle it out for 12 and 13.

The other potentially big Flames news from today is that The Hockey News is apparently reporting (though I can’t dig it up on their frenzy-day disabled website) that the Flames are about to sign Jarome Iginla to a four-year contract extension. I’ve made my feelings about this clear: Get it done. Barring some unforeseen descent into alcoholism or obesity, Iggy should retire a Flame. Period. He’s still young, a Top 5 player in the league, and the kind of guy who doesn’t finish his career without winning a Stanley Cup. Argument over, onto Kiprusoff.

Thoughts on other developments from today?

• The Briere contract is exactly why the Flyers never contend. It’s too much on the wrong player for Philly, who won’t be able to manage a deep, balanced team with his, Gagne’s and Timmonen’s contracts on the ledger.
• Five years for Rafalski in Detroit is too much, though he’ll help them greatly over the next two or three seasons and is an upgrade over Matt Schneider.
• I don’t think Schneider signing up with Anaheim is a sure indication that Niedermayer is retiring. I think it’s Burke making his team even better … now O’Donnell can drop into the five-spot where he belongs and give aging Nieds a little more of a break now and again.
• Good to see the Oilers will be contenders again now that they’ve locked up Dick Tarnstrom and Denis Grebeshkov. Screw Adrian Aucoin and Cory Sarich, those guys are the clear way to go on the blueline if you’re looking for success.
• Best low-profile move of the day: The Panthers getting former Avalanche forward Brett McLean, an awesome deal at $1.7M/per over three years. Every time I watched Colorado play, I saw him be a catalyst. Now, I can’t explain why the Panthers also went after Dick Zednik and Radek Dvorak, but I’m not Jacques Martin.

8:07 p.m. Update: TSN is reporting the Iggy re-signing news via THN, saying it’s four or five years at $7 million per. If that’s true, that’s a bargain.

Also, all the pieces now seem to be falling into place. The Rangers are going all ’90s/early ’00s, recalling their great days with Bobby Holik, Theo Fleury and Eric Lindros by throwing too many dollars at non-elite point producers Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. Smyth looks pretty sure to return to the Northwest with Colorado. Oilers fans are gonna be PISSED, despite the smart Kevin Lowe move to get rid of Joffrey Lupul for Joni Pitkanen (though moving Jason Smith with that still-inexperienced defence corps looks a bit curious right now).

The Leafs did the Jason Blake thing, a contract which by Year 3 of the five year, $20 million deal is going to be an albatross of Kubina-like levels.

And now, TSN is reporting that Scott Niedermayer is indeed going to announce his retirement shortly. Which comes as a surprise to me — obviously, since about 45 minutes ago I wrote that the Schneider signing wasn’t a “sure indication” he was going to retire. That said, if there’s a cerebral enough guy in hockey to understand the value of going out on top, a Stanley Cup/Conn Smythe champ who’s won literally every top championship in the game, it’s Scott Niedermayer.

8:42 p.m. update: Uhhhh, Hannan to the Avs for $18 million over four years, or $4.5 M per, says TSN. I suppose Hannan might not have been interested in the Flames, but this makes the Sarich number look a lot worse … fewer years on the Hannan deal, and not that much more money. If Colorado does get Smyth too, and Budaj continues to improve, we’re really going to have to watch out for the Avalanche.


~ by duncan on July 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Five years, $18M for Cory Sarich; Iggy to extend? (Updated)”

  1. whoah. i need a week to digest what happened yesterday…. x

  2. wait and see…he wasn’t hitting for us here in tampa. pratt either. good luck. I loved partying with all the calgary girls btw back when we won the cup.

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