Vokoun to Florida for picks: Brutal

Not many details, but TSN’s Bob McKenzie has Nashville sending their goalie, a Top 5 keeper in the league, to the Panthers for a first rounder and two seconds.

This is clearly going to be a horrendous fire sale in Tennessee. Wonder if John Ferguson Jr. is wishing he didn’t spend his draft picks so hastily earlier in the day to get Vesa Toskala and Mark Bell?


~ by duncan on June 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “Vokoun to Florida for picks: Brutal”

  1. Question is, can we get anyone from Nashville while the clearance is on? Who would you want?

  2. Well, Shea Weber for one, but something tells me he’ll be sticking around. Zidlicky maybe?

  3. I think the biggest part of this is that it takes Vokoun out of the Western Conference…

  4. Weber and Radulov would be nice to steal from Nsahville, though both are young and cheap, meaning they won’t be sold off. Zanon is an UFA this year, so they may not bothering tendering an offer to him…he’d be a good addition (assuming we jettison Warrener at some point this summer).

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