Doin’ bidness: Moss signs for one year, $575k

Via TSN:

Left-winger David Moss, who scored 10 goals and assisted on eight in 41 NHL games with the Calgary Flames last season, has agreed to a US$575,000, one-year contract for next season.

Last Season’s Big Surprise — or, the inaugural winner of walkinvisible’s “dreamcrusher” award — has inked what seems to be a fair-market deal. I’m assuming it’s a one-wayer, which is a pretty big accomplishment for a guy who looked like a lost cause at the start of last season and was a seventh-round pick, 220th overall in 2001.

While Moss looks like a bona fide NHLer, I think Jimmy Playfair put a bit too much stock in him last year after his unexpected offensive upside came quickly to the fore after his callup. Right now, I’d have to say he isn’t a clear second-liner — at best a good two-way third liner, which is nothing to be ashamed of. I hope the Flames aren’t banking on him being a 40-point guy next year. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I never got the feeling he’s the kind of guy who’s going to thrive if he’s being relied upon to score all the time. He’s a bonus points player.

In any case, he’s a piece to the puzzle for 07-08, and the Flames were smart to get this done. If he does play consistently on the third line, he’s a bargain at this price.

In other news, I heard a little bit of “what the hell does that mean?” today at the news that referees will be able to hand out majors and game misconducts next season when an act of interference causes an injury. I think it’s brilliant — a smart way to discourage the late but “clean” hit popularlized by the Colby Armstrongs and Chris Neils of the world last season. (Some would also bring up Robyn Regehr.) It will force those players to think twice before dishing out the unexpected head shots.

A link for you to chew on as well: I shared a few thoughts with the Avs blog Jibblescribbits this week on the Flames’ off-season, specifically when it comes to the situation with Stuart, Hamrlik and the defence.

Also, I was a participant (and first-round winner) in a blogger playoff pool organized by CapsChick of View From the Cheap Seats. But since I wasn’t the overall winner, I must pay the price of heaping praise on the winner’s team of choice — Caps Nut’s Washington Capitals.

I can’t say I’ve given much thought to the Capitals over the years — and especially in recent years, as they’ve donned those ugly “blue”, white and black uniforms. But they’re to unveil a new, red, retro-inspired jersey tomorrow and I must say it’s a welcome return. I have fond memories of Mike Gartner, Rod Langway and Michal Pivonka dashing about the ice in the star-studded unis with the stylized “Capitals” on the front. So good move going back, Ted Leonsis and friends. The Caps also have a propensity to choose WHLers at the draft, especially in eearly rounds and I’m not going to complain about that. Best junior league in the world. Now if only they could get the Caps to win …

Congratulations, Caps Nut.

Now, who’s ready for the draft? Here we go, 18th pick! Whooooooooo!


~ by duncan on June 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Doin’ bidness: Moss signs for one year, $575k”

  1. Yeah…Sutter’s definitely been ticking off his to-dos.

    Still, the timing of the Moss signing made me comment to Dave last night that “Moss is exactly the kind of spare parts you flip for a later-round draft pick”…and I’ll note, we don’t have a lot of those this time out…

  2. Moss is ideally a “Moen” type player. Third line physical presence that can pot the odd goal and not be a liability in his own end. If he continues in that vein this season, I’ll be quite happy with him.

    Next up – Giordano!

  3. If Moss turns into a Chris Clark guy I’d be pleased.

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