Imagine the most bizarre possible replacement for Playfair ….

… and then get ready for Darryl Sutter to reportedly be weirdly, inexplicably, about to do this.

It looks like “Iron Mike” could be back in business behind the bench of an NHL team.

Sources tell TSN that Mike Keenan is on the verge of becoming the new head coach of the Calgary Flames.

While the Flames declined to comment when contacted by TSN today, sources confirm Keenan is currently in Calgary and if all goes as expected, the well-traveled NHL executive and coach could be announced as the head coach of the Flames as early as Thursday.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger aren’t exactly unreliable nobodies, so this has some awful ring of reality to it.

Does Darryl think he’s such a hardass that he can suddenly reel Keenan in? For Christ’s sake, THIS ISN’T 1994! I can just see it now. Iron Mike convinces Ken King that Sutter ain’t such a genius, all of a sudden he’s general manager, and the Flames are icing Stephane Matteau, Brian Noonan and Esa Fucking Tikkanen on the second line.

I can’t even think. I mean, I didn’t want Playfair back but could this possibly be a better option? I dare anyone to imagine how this turns out well.

Man, I was just trolling about wondering when the NHL Awards were on tomorrow night.

And it isn’t April 1.



~ by duncan on June 13, 2007.

8 Responses to “Imagine the most bizarre possible replacement for Playfair ….”

  1. i was actually joking the other day “hey, what coaches are available ? mike keenan’s available ha ha ha ha…” listen. it might not be good. but i am honestly convinced it could not possibly be worse. RIGHT ?????

  2. Though I’ve deeply hated Keenan over the years, I’m willing to give him a chance…Calgary did lack discipline last year, and that’s one thing Keenan should be able to bring.

    I’m going to have to wap myself upside the head a couple of times to really process this though.

  3. HOly shit is this ever weird.

  4. Wasn’t a Sutter available? This is bad. Very bad.

  5. Fuck indeed, pal. This is a terrible move by the organization.

    Can’t say I’m too broken up about it, though.

  6. I think I’m going to go online now and put down my $1,000 deposit for lower-bowl season tickets to the “Hamilton Predators,” because I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that it’ll be Young Guns all over again in about two years.

    Let’s think straight here, everybody: The “Keenan will bring discipline” take is a desperate reach for hope. Leanne, you said it best: “I’ve deeply hated Keenan over the years.”

    For fuck’s sake, this is a guy who traded Roberto Luongo AND Lukas Krajicek for TODD FUCKING BERTUZZI! Oh, and Bryan Allen, who’s really choice.

  7. That said, he’s working for a guy who got Kipper for a bag of pucks (said bag of pucks turned out to be a pretty good prospect, but I’ll still take Kipper).

    While I don’t have a lot of trust in Keenan, I do trust the Flames organization which is paying for him. So…wait and see…

    …And Keenan wasn’t responsible for signing Allen for five years, my vote for yesterday’s other “Huh?” story.

  8. we need to all calm the f&*%$! down. sutter, last i checked, is still at the helm –which means keenan won’t be trading anybody for anybody. if the team needs direction and discipline, i am much happier today than i was yesterday, and we all agree that the flames need both in droves. i’m totally open-minded to give this situation a shot (i’m just not convinced i like the “multi-year deal” but i’m sure it’s all or none).

    what upsets me the most is that sutter didn’t pull the trigger lamoriello styles at the end of the season, even though it was clear to everyone (including sutter, obviously) that playfair couldn’t get the job done.

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