Lombardi number confirmed, Nilson gets $2M/2

Jean Lefebvre of the Herald confirms the $1.8M/yr number on Matthew Lombardi, and reports that Marcus Nilson will get $1M per for the two years of his deal, down from $1.368M in the last two seasons. From the story:

“Marcus and I have been on the same page since we got him,” said Sutter, who snagged Nilson in March of 2004 by sending a second-round pick to the Florida Panthers. “He’s an important part of our leadership group and he wanted to stay in Calgary. We were quite easily able to get it done.”

Sutter goes on to say that Nilson was better in the latter part of the season after recovering from multiple lingering injuries. I’ll agree he was better, though I’ll still argue he wasn’t 2004-quality. I do believe he could get back to that.

As Lefebvre points out, this leaves just depth defencemen Mark Giordano and David Hale, and sophomore-to-be forward David Moss on the RFA list, while the UFAs who played in Calgary last season are Roman Hamrlik, Brad Stuart, Wayne Primeau, Tony Amonte, Jeff Friesen, Darren McCarty, Byron Ritchie and Jamie McLennan. You can bet your bottom dollar that the last five on that list won’t be coming back. I might have thought Friesen was an option until his post-season “I didn’t get a chance to show I can still be a scorer”-type comments.

As for Hamrlik, Stuart and Primeau, I like them all, but if I was Sutter I wouldn’t be feeling all loyal to any of them. If there are better options out there for the defencemen the Flames need, they should go ahead and take ’em. Phaneuf’s going to have to play without Roman sometime.

Anyway, I’ll get into all that crap after the Stanley Cup’s been handed out. See y’all at the Wheat Sheaf tonight for Game 3. I’m calling a Sens victory tonight and in Game 4.


~ by duncan on June 2, 2007.

One Response to “Lombardi number confirmed, Nilson gets $2M/2”

  1. I can live with the Nilson signing at that number. For now.
    I can guarantee that Lombo contract is going to look like a steal sometime in the future. Possibly as soon as next year.

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