Flames announce Lombardi, Nilson signings

Check it out, Flames news!

The Calgary Flames signed center Matthew Lombardi to a three-year contract extension and left wing Marcus Nilson to a two-year extension. Terms were not disclosed. (Yahoo)

I guess this is kinda news, since Lombardi’s extension was the worst-kept secret in Flamesland, and I don’t think there’s a sane person in the world who thinks this isn’t a good move. At the rumoured price, $5.5 million over the three years, one might even argue it’s a bargain. (I would be that one, in fact.)

And if this makes him trade bait, I’ve said it before: Unless it’s Lombo for Rick Nash, I’m pissed. I believe Lombardi’s great Worlds was his coming-out party, and now it’s time for the Flames to find him complimentary guys to play with like Andy Murray did.
Nilson’s performance was, uh, inconsistent last year. He took some mind-numbingly dumb penalties and sometimes seemed slower than Derian Hatcher. But when he’s good — like he was on the 2004 Cup run — he’s very, very effective as a checker. He’s also a relatively young 29, and best friends with Kristian Huselius — who the Flames very much need to be happy, and willing to sign a value future contract.


~ by duncan on June 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Flames announce Lombardi, Nilson signings”

  1. I didn’t know Nilson was close with Juice.

    As you say, if he can re-gain 03/04 form, Nilson will be a valuable member of the team next year. If not, he’s just taking some rookies roster spot for no good reason.

  2. I imagine Nilson didn’t sign that rich a deal, and he’s also relatively versatile. So he should be tradeable if David van der Gulik or whoever wanders in to take his roster spot.

    As I recall, the Huselius-Nilson thing goes all the way back to Sweden, then to their Florida days. I’ll find a link if I can.

  3. Huselius-Nilson: Here’s a story that says they’ve known each other since they were 14:


    I recall statements being made in the Calgary media about their friendship too, but I’m afraid I’m not motivated to dig those up on a Friday night.

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