The Senators aren’t “done” or “scared”

“Done” and “scared.” That’s all I heard today on Toronto radio whenever the topic of Game 1 was brought up. It’s a convenient message to convey to a pro-Leafs audience but, boy, what an over-reaction.

Everything about Game 1 favoured the Ducks: Both teams’ long layoff meant the Ducks’ could play their uber-physical style without hurting; that won’t be the case tomorrow. Anaheim plays an emotional game, and Game 1 in front of a home crowd is an emotional event. Anaheim has piles more Stanley Cup experience, so there were fewer guys in the home lineup who didn’t know what to expect.

But that’s over. I’ll give it up to Carlyle for putting out Niedermayer and Pronger out together against Spezza-Heatley-Alfreddson, but give Bryan Murray a game. He’ll have a solution.

The Ducks are a very good team. If they do go on to win the cup, I won’t be shocked or surprised. But for God’s sakes, it’s one game, and the score was 3-2.  Done? Scared? Give me a break.


~ by duncan on May 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Senators aren’t “done” or “scared””

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how Ottawa comes out at home. Thus far they’ve been listless and completely smothered by the Ducks. If they can’t hold serve in both games, I would suggest this series is Anaheim’s.

  2. No disagreement on the last point. I called this series to go seven games, and if Anaheim’s going to take three games, it’s not out there to think they’d win the first two. Even the Flames tied their series with the Wings after going down 2-0; I have more confidence in the Sens.

  3. When the Ducks can barely scrape out two wins at home, I’m very skeptical as to how all the Leaf fans here in the T-dot can surmise that the series is already over. When it comes to the upper-tier teams of the NHL, line matching can mean a lot… especially when the home team has a powerline like the Senators do…

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