Irate (updated)

I can’t believe that, right now, I’m watching a number of Hockey Canada officials defend Shane Doan in front of a House of Commons committee. The fact this is even happening is perhaps the best example ever of why people hate government. Worse, it’s how people establish stereotypes about Quebecers, who are generally exceptional people. There’s just a crowd of self-important morons in that province who do things like, say, notice that there’s only one Quebec member of team Canada (the Flames’ Matthew Lombardi), and decide to put up a fuss to draw small thinkers to their cause.

That’s not a guess. A member of the committee just asked Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson how many French speakers were on the World Championship team. As if that’s not a loaded question.

Nicholson became very emotional in his various responses just now, and good for him.

Unfamiliar? Coverage of the story here, here and here.

Real Deal’s Kyle on this here.

(Note: It’s also funny when news reporters on CBC start trying to cover hockey. The anchor on Newsworld just called him “Shawn Doan”, and last night Antoine Vermette of the Senators became “Maxime Ouellette” on the on-screen graphic.)

UPDATE (12:14 p.m. eastern): Colby Cosh briefly plays devil’s advocate in a great post at National Post’s Full Comment:

I thought that in the interests of fairness, at least one person should etch these points in print, in English, before l’affaire Doan blows over. But none survive serious scrutiny.

Click through and read the “points,” and the rest of Colby’s take. Definitely worth it.


~ by duncan on May 3, 2007.

6 Responses to “Irate (updated)”

  1. This is honestly a disgrace. But lets not paint this as a problem with Quebec MPs, because it got support from a variety of parties. This is a problem with moron politicians that come in all shapes, sizes, and parties.

  2. Fair enough. It originated in Quebec, but I’d be happy to amend to “self-important morons in that province and across the country.”

    Your fave Mark Spector has a good take here.

  3. I’ve tried my best to ignore this thing as much as possible – I don’t like to grant credence to the absurd.

    However, as you say, this is just more proof that politicians are no longer leaders in this day and age. They are posturing, opportunistic media hounds that do little more than sniff the back-end of each passing moral majority. They lick their chops at the trough and then engage in fruitless witch-hunts of the very citizenry that sustains their parasitic existence.

    They disgust me.

  4. I think it’s been very telling how uniform the response has been – whether it’s my friends on the receiving end of my bitching, sports columnists, the hockey establishmets, or political analysts.

    And the next time these same politicians try to arouse the public’s sense of outrage because we’re a backwater on the global stage, we’ll know exactly who to blame, won’t we?

  5. It’s absolutely absurd. Regarding the fact that there’s only one Quebec-born player on the team, 8 French-Canadians were invited to the team but declined. It riles me up because shouldn’t time and attention be spent on more important issues? This whole incident happened 17 months ago and Michel Cormier in his report after the incident said himself it was Ladislav Nagy who made the slur. This was all investigated by the NHL, presented to the committee and they still want Doan to be removed as captain? I’d ask if these guys are really this ridiculously idiotic but that might be a waste of my time.

  6. i thought there was some kind of mantra in this country that said “innocent till proven guilty,” but this all points to “guilty after proven innocent.” this is, of course, infuriating to anyone with any amount of respect for shane doan and hockey canada.

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