If Flames Blog was Jeopardy, this would be “Potpourri”

It’s been a bit of a relief to get back to worrying about real life recently. That’s prevented me, of course, from any Flamesy analysis, be it on this blog or in my head. But I’ve been getting my fill of things to consider thanks to:

• The always reliable MetroGnome, who explores roster options going forward, including potential graduates from Omaha.

• Matt at Battle of Alberta, who’s started to look at salary considerations.

I’ve also been basking in the glory of being first-round champ of CapsChick’s blogger playoff pool. For my prize, I was allowed to force any two bloggers to show public love for the Flames, and ended up with this and this from Oilers/Habs fan Jordi of Girls Don’t Love Hockey (I made her do it again after a less-than-genuine initial effort), and this from Wings/Oilers fan Steph of No Pun Indended.

Nice work, Jordi and Steph. Feel free to praise the Flames anytime.

Now, when the season ended last week, I thought I’d have a beautifully composed, measured, way-too-long statement about Jim Playfair up here within days. And then I lost my desire. Darryl Sutter’s big say-nothing press-conference didn’t inspire me either. I even started writing something and realized I was saying less than Darryl, so I pressed delete.

Fact is, I really have nothing to add to everything I’ve said here previously. I still firmly believe that the team needs to move Playfair to move forward. I’ve also said clearly I don’t think Playfair is a bad coach, far from it. And would I want another chance in my job if I did poorly in my first shot at it? Yes.

So if Darryl decides to keep him around, I’m not going to despondently throw my hands in the air and declare that all is lost. At least not until after next year’s bad October.

I have, of course, continued to watch the playoffs. Nothing’s been too surprising so far, though even after their loss tonight, I can’t help but think of the ’04 Flames when I watch the Canucks these playoffs. Vancouver has a superhuman goalie, an underrated defense fighting proudly through seemingly catastrophic injuries and only one real scoring line. It kills me to compare the Flames to the Canucks in any way at all, but even in losing Game 3 tonight Vancouver was clearly willing to do anything it took to win the game. That was the Flames on their run, and it’s a quality that could be dangerous in big games going ahead.

I’ll bring more of my thoughts on the offseason and next season intermittently in the next little while, and I might also have some more to say about all these other teams still playing. Meantime, here’s a special bonus for regular readers: Your Toronto Calgary Flames blogger crew, in happier times. Well, pre-elimination times. This was at the immortal/nondescript Shoeless Joe’s, where we watched Calgary lose to Colorado in meaningless Game 82.


Back row, L-R: Leanne (open. ice. hits.), Steal Thunder (Completely Hammered), walkinvisible (hit the post), Ian (walkinvisible’s pal and sympathetic to Flames’ cause.) Front row, L-R: Hockeygirl (double d(ion)) and me, in my ’89 Hakan Loob No. 12. Missing: Dave from open. ice. hits. (sick).


~ by duncan on April 30, 2007.

13 Responses to “If Flames Blog was Jeopardy, this would be “Potpourri””

  1. As far as we all know Dave is just Leanne’s invisible friend.

  2. Not invisible! Imaginary!

    Right, Dave?


  3. it looks like my head is growing out of your head, duncan. which is fine by me, but not a very good look for you… 😉

  4. i r not real

  5. I’ll make sure to let you know if I ever feel the inexplicable need to glorify your team again. I’m not sure I’d condone holding your breath, though.


    All you dinks out there thinking you can get Jordi to write a nice post on your team better think again. Cause this may be the first time a blogger playoff pool has caused suicide.

  7. y’know…. duncan — you and hockeygirl would make a cute couple…

  8. The guys over at Sharkspage posted an interview with the beat writer for the Red Wings. I don’t care, but he has some pretty harsh criticism for Playfair in the interview

  9. P.S. I’d be happy to see Playfair stay, maybe the Avs will catch Calgary next year with him at the helm. (p.s. sorry about the link in my name in the previous post, it’s not correct)

  10. Thanks for the link Colin. That’s some ballsy commentary from an NHL beat writer. This about this: Playfair reads that, is retained as Calgary’s coach, and Khan shows up in a scrum next year when Calgary plays Detroit. Thing is, other NHL coaches could also lose respect for him because of that.

    It’s one thing to have an opinion, but a guy who gets paid to write about the NHL should be accountable for what he says, and I’m guessing Khan doesn’t think that’s going to be the case.

    Not that I want Playfair back, but “I’ve seen a lot of lousy coaches over the years and Playfair has to be near the top of the list” is pretty harsh.

    And don’t worry. Playfair or not, I think the Avs are back in next year. That’s a team on the rise, no doubt about it. Lots of action on the personnel front to come, but I see Dallas dropping out of the picture next season — and maybe even Nashville if the owners decide to close the vault.

  11. Yeah I thought it was pretty bold for a beat writer. Then again it’s nice to hear people with some inside knowledge speak their mind, and candor is always refreshing.

    What that does to Khan’s ability to get a scoop remains to be seen. It may have no affect or it could snowball for him too. I don’t think he’ll be getting any scoops or interviews with Playfair next year for sure.

    We’ll see about the Avs, they looked very good this year, but they also need to resign their free agents. IT’ll be an interesting off-season (for all the NW teams)

  12. um… what happens if it’s ballsy, but RIGHT ?

  13. um… what happens if it’s ballsy, but RIGHT ?

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