Damn loyalty, I could have gone eight-for-eight

Have to send thanks to CapsChick for running her blogger playoff pool, especially since I’m the huge FIRST ROUND (co)WINNER after correctly predicting the winner in seven of eight first-round series. The only blemish on my record? Calling a Calgary win over Detroit, of course. As you know, I’m obligated to pick the Flames to win the Stanley Cup every single year. So some might say I would have gone a perfect eight-for-eight had I used only my intellect to make my predictions.

Who is this “some”? Well, perhaps Jordi of Girls Don’t Love Hockey and Steph from NPI Hockey, the representative Oilers/Habs and Wings fans in CapsChick’s pool. You see, my prize is to force two bloggers to “write a glowing post on the winner’s favourite team.” Why those two? Oilers and Wings, of course. Looking forward to your non-sarcastic, well-researched takes on the Calgary Flames, ladies. And feel free to praise me personally while you’re doing it because, let’s face it, I’m awesome.

Now, onto the second round. Since I picked the Eastern bracket perfectly (I even had the number of games right in the Devils and Senators series wins, and had the other two off by only one game), I don’t need to do any new work! In case you’ve forgotten, and are too lazy to click on this link:


(1) Buffalo vs. (6) New York Rangers

It’ll be fun to see little Buffalo take on big New York, especially since little Buffalo will make the Rangers remember that they’ve got a ways to go until they’re good enough to get further than the second round. Henrik Lundqvist will steal a game, but Buffalo’s the real deal.

The pick: Sabres in four.

(2) New Jersey vs. (4) Ottawa

Well, Martin Brodeur doesn’t win the cup every year, does he. And as Bob Cole just pointed out, Ottawa is hungry this year.

The pick: Senators in six.

I’m going to stick with all that, and my pick of the Senators over the Sabres in the conference final.

Over in the west, I my original picks don’t work because my Flames pick means the matchups are all screwed up. So here are the new picks, all the way through to the Cup:


(2) Anaheim vs. (3) Vancouver

Roberto Luongo is better than J.S. Giguere and Ilya Bryzgalov taped together into an octogoalie. But damn, that Anaheim team can skate! And damn, those Canucks can’t score! Marty Turco was good in Round 1, but not three-shutouts good. Nice little run there, Canucks.

The Pick: Ducks in six.

(1) Detroit vs. (5) San Jose

I gained a lot of respect for the Wings during the quarters. They decimated the Flames, and should have won in four straight, not six. But I still think that series was lopsided as much because Calgary sucked as Detroit ruled. Every time I watch the Sharks, they look fast, resilient and HUNGRY LIKE A GREAT WHITE. Seriously, it’s like the always want to do something — score, hit, whatever. They made Nashville, a fabulous team, look pretty damn ordinary in Round 1. The Wings will be tougher in the end I think the Sharks can match their team game and trump them in the talent category.

The Pick: Sharks in seven.

Conference Final

(2) Anaheim vs. (5) San Jose

Did you know that Phil Esposito picked the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup? Even better, did you know Phil Esposito is blogging during the playoffs for National Post? How awesome is that. Espo’s so cool, he makes that crazy Steelback beer seem palatable. Anyway, if Espo says the Sharks are OK, who am I to disagree?

That, and the Sharks are the only team with the depth up front to overcome the Big 4 on the Anaheim back end. Time to break through to the Cup final, San Josayers.

The Pick: Sharks in six.


Ottawa vs. San Jose

When I had Calgary beating the Sens in the final, I declared that it seemed more plausible that I’d be witnessing a scene with Jarome Iginla raising the Stanley Cup than Daniel Alfreddsson getting his Swedish paws on the grail. So if that’s how I’m to decide this thing, it’s Alfreddsson vs. Patrick Marleau. And Marleau’s always looked a bit too meek to raise the Stanley Cup, if you ask me. Seriously, can anyone ever remember seeing that guy angry?

OK, seriously: Ottawa has been lights out since 20 games into the season. They’re deep, consistent, and won’t have to go through hell against Detroit and Anaheim to get to the final — only boring-ass New Jersey and finesse-happy Buffalo. So, as I declared pre-playoffs was my alternative if Calgary SOMEHOW didn’t reach the final …

The Pick: Ottawa in seven. The Cup returns to Canada, and Maple Leafs fans will spend the next 40 years telling everyone it was just a fluke.


~ by duncan on April 24, 2007.

8 Responses to “Damn loyalty, I could have gone eight-for-eight”

  1. Fuck you. I mean. No. Damn it!

  2. Henrik Lundqvist will steal a game, but Buffalo’s the real deal.
    The pick: Sabres in four.

    if lundqvist steals a game, how do the slugs win in four ??? the sabres can’t win cause all of the ugly jerseyed teams are already out —they’re the next to go. aside from that, my picks look pretty much the same: ;SJ in 7, Sens in 5 (6 for u). i believe luongo will be the difference in the other series, though you have a good point on the scoring sitch… that and the nucks are a little beat up after dallas, while the ducks put away minny in 4….

  3. I’m awesome at math WI, you know that.

  4. …west, I my original picks…

    I my?

    Ron Burgundy says, “That doesn’t make sense.” 😉

  5. Holy crap, the ladies are all over me on the typos today!

    Anyway, for clarification: Sabres in five, drop the “I” from “I my original picks”

    And Ron Burgundy is the greatest man who ever didn’t really live

  6. whoah. dude. methinks you need a vacations.
    (i put the s in to see if you’d get your panties in a twist with the typo).

    with nothing better to do,

  7. At least you have ladies all over you…hey? Hey?

  8. Okay, so Jordi has written what she calls a nice, well-researched post on the Flames. Go check it out, let me know what you think – you’re the judge. If it doesn’t seem nice enough, feel free to tell her to shove it…er, I mean, to try again. 🙂 Or let me know and I’ll bitch slap her around the Land Down Under…

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