Thinking out loud

This just struck me and I didn’t want to lose it. I’ll have more season-ending ramblings as soon as I have the time …

I personally think the Pierre McGuire-promoted “rumour” that has Ryan Smyth signing with the Flames his offseason is a laugh. But let’s imagine for a second that it isn’t, and that Darren Dreger’s “whispers out there” statement about Calgary being ready to shop Jarome Iginla is also true.

Smyth might be had for $6 million per over three years. Iggy will cost at least $7.5 million over the same term — but for now is still under contract for next year.

I’m not endorsing any plan to ship Iginla — to me, he’s still the Flames’ equivalent of Steve Yzerman/Joe Sakic, and should remain with the Flames till he retires because I can’t see him quitting without raising the Stanley Cup.

But would it really be that stupid to sign Smyth, save the $1.5M, and trade Iggy to some team who’d be willing to send back a package of a top defenceman, second-line forward talent and a top prospect? Is the difference between Smyth and Iginla that vast?


~ by duncan on April 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “Thinking out loud”

  1. i am so not ready to think about that at all. i’m still trying to get the iggy holler going in the 200s at the ‘dome. i am, however, sufficiently concerned about sutter. but… another day….

  2. While you’re thinking out loud, can’t we just ship Tanguay out and keep Iginla and Smyth?

  3. I hate to say it, but Iginla is starting to look to me like the most expendable of the 3 conerstones – Kipper, Regehr and Jarome. He’d demand a huge package were he traded and his future contract will most likely be the most onerous.

  4. Smyth isn’t worth 6 mil. He’s not worth the 5.4 mil the Oilers offered him either.
    Good luck wit the Iginla/Kipper situation though.

  5. Kyle, I’d be most in favour of finding a way to keep Tanguay and Iginla, if it had to be only two. I don’t see how Smyth and Iggy compliment one another in a salary cap scheme, and I’m in the Matt camp on Alex.

    As for Smyth not being worth $6M? A player isn’t worth the same number to every team. Would he be worth $6M to a Flames team minus Iginla’s grit and leadership? Maybe. I still think the Oilers were crazy for not taking his last offer.

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