Through two periods: I am red-faced with anger

That second-period effort was awful beyond any explanation. Pierre McGuire just explained Dion Phaneuf’s poor decision-making as a symptom of fatigue. Bullshit. He’s been horrible, horrible, horrible for the entire game — bad decision-making with the puck, and what seems to be a refusal to move his feet or engage behind his own red line.

Although that 19:54 of ice time can’t help. It’s also not acceptable when Mark Giordano’s had only 6:42.

Of course, let’s not just look at Dion. That was an embarrassing effort by Langkow on the “backcheck” on Chelios’s goal. I can skate faster than that.

How does anyone on or behind that bench explain that second period, especially after they came out the way they should have in the first?


• The book is out on Kipper’s new shootout stylings. Cleary knew that poke-check was coming.
• The Wings played the second period so smart — wait for mistakes that were sure to come from the road Flames, and pounce.
• Huselius remains invisible. What happened?
• Through two periods, Tony Amonte’s bad timing has led to three offsides on potential scoring-chance situations. I absolutely cannot wait for that contract to run out.

Hasek looks good tonight, and it’s hard to believe the Flames managed seven shots in that period — would have been a lot less without the five-on-three. It’s pretty easy to tell which team is going to be facing elimination tomorrow night


~ by duncan on April 21, 2007.

25 Responses to “Through two periods: I am red-faced with anger”

  1. And the third-period line-juggling has Huselius with Amonte. Great plan Jimmy: Get Juice out of his slump by sticking him with the worst player on the team.

  2. right. you. are. x

  3. And on that goal, Conroy and Primeau just lost the battle along the boards. They’ve given up. What a bunch of pussies … might as well fold the tent and think about tomorrow night, eh? Fuck.

  4. tomorrow night ???!?! fuck that, dude. i’m on next year. a year sans playfair. sans amonte. sans zyuzin. a year where your starting lineup includes giordano and tomi maki (i haaaad to !!!!)

  5. Now you decide to make a good read and jump in on a shorthanded rush? I swear, this is the weirdest team.

    I think I’m just going to keep filing comments for the rest of the game in lieu of doing a full-on angry post-game. All the better for me to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

  6. Wow, you really love Tomi Maki. I love Brandon Prust, he’s what they really need. For the record, I was talking about the Flames thinking about tomorrow night, not me. I was thinking about last year ages ago, while still hoping for this year.

  7. Who’s the coach next year, anyway? TSN was speculating yesterday that Lou Lamoriello is going to pry Brent Sutter to the Devils, and that was the real reason he offed Julien. But wouldn’t Sutter rather work for his brother?

    More importantly:, just now:

    1. That was quite the uppercut by Langkow, can’t wait to hear from Lets Go Wings on that one.
    2. Why won’t Cleary fight?

  8. you mean next year. with a freudian “last year.” last year wasn’t really that good, dude….

  9. I’m with the NBC announcers on Detroit’s penalty kill: Great adjustments after all the problems in Calgary.

  10. ou mean next year. with a freudian “last year.”

    Of course. Although I am still somewhat fixated on last year. It’s like a curse.

  11. do you think ST is secretly watching this somewhere ? i bet he is, that fucker. either that or the PVR is set wrong. i’m pissed….

  12. I also blame ST. He’d better have something to say for himself.

    God, NBC is so much better than CBC. Who wouldn’t want to hear that stuff about the teams challenging each other at the bench that McGuire is talking about?

    Congratulations, by the way, to the Toddster. For attempting to knock some sense into Phaneuf and scoring his first playoff win with the Wings. Attaboy.

  13. Good to see Noodles, but this end-of-game “intensity” is ridiculous. Detroit fans have every right to complain about this shit.


  15. Wow. That’s bananas by Noodles. Bush.

  16. I mean, intensity is one thing, but this team is acting like a bunch of fucking 16-year-old juniors. I’m embarrassed.

  17. If Detroit contains itself in the last two minutes, I’ll be impressed. I’d want my pound of flesh after Langkow’s sucker punch and that nonsense.

  18. i think it’s fuckin’ MONEY that noodles came in and played 30 seconds of emotional hockey. which is 30 seconds more than anyone else on the ice.

  19. Pierre just made another good point: Why have Iginla on the ice at this point, or Stuart for that matter? Why risk them getting hurt?

  20. Yeah, but if he’s going to show emotion, drop em and throw some punches, don’t pull that shit.

  21. Man, I just defended Iggy as not a cheap-shot artist on a Wings blog earlier today. Now I look like a moron.

  22. we’re all morons. we’re supporting the 06/07 flames. oh, wait. you guys are, i’m a rangers fan… 🙂

  23. […] for me, after my second-intermission effort, I decided to pass my ongoing thoughts in conversation with walkinvisible through the comment […]

  24. Wow, what a debacle. The guys are just so damn frustrated at this point.

    I can’t say I was surprised, sadly. The big guns are stifled and no one knows what to do to win on the road. Coaching errors as obvious as the nose on my face throughout.

  25. I just can’t write about the coaching errors any more, because they aren’t any different than 15, 20, 30 games ago. The grand analysis on Playfair will come post-season — hopefully on the day of his firing.

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