Good news (maybe)

On the Wings has been following the will-he-or-won’t-he Todd Bertuzzi saga all day and as of 5:30 eastern, it’s looking good for him to be in the lineup … which means things are looking better for the Flames.

I’ve said all I need to say on what I think about Bertuzzi, and why I’m pretty sure he’s only going to hurt the Wings. But the effects could be drastically magnified at this point of the series, with the run of play being what it has been.

When the Flames went on their six-game winning streak near the end of the season, including that miraculous four-game stretch on the road, they did it with the same 20 players and the same four lines/six defence pairs. Then David Moss was declared fit to play, and Jim Playfair decided he would

Now, Todd Bertuzzi is not David Moss. But he’s not Jarome Iginla, either. He’s been injured most of the year and is an attention-getting figure in every game he plays, good or bad. Does Detroit really need to divert its attention anywhere at this point?

I don’t think so. So here’s hoping the Toddster’s in tonight.

On the Wings (and a multitude of others) also report that Robyn Regehr is out for sure, which means almost certainly that we’re getting a dose of Andrea Susan, even though Mark Giordano is the right pick to step in on D.

And despite the fact that Steal Thunder’s hated EVIL ROAD FLAMES (or, as Kyle described them, “the Flames that never learned to read”) are not in the picture for the next few days, Calgary remains on just an awesome stretch of four straight I-Don’t-Care playoff games dating back to last year. Combined with the big ol’ road woes from this season, I’m starting to think there’s something at the core of this team that doesn’t like big games.

So, please prove me wrong, Jarome and friends, so I can start liking showing up in front of the TV again. I bought that big bastard just for you!


~ by duncan on April 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Good news (maybe)”

  1. […] some wishful thinking from a Flames fan? I hope so. – […]

  2. We’ve got two streaks on the go: 4 playoff games in a row and 6 games in a row.

    How likely is it that we’ll end the season on an 8 game losing streak?

  3. even the wings are bigger than bertuzzi. he’s not big enough or good enough to hurt them. Sorry milroy

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