Who wants it? Well, we know who doesn’t …

Red Wings 4 Flames 2 Red Wings 4 Flames 1
(I was apparently deluded in the immediate aftermath)

(Detroit leads best-of-seven Western Conference quarterfinal 1-0)

Let’s play a game of Who Wants It, shall we?

Pavel Datsyuk? Yes. A virtuoso performance. He’s clearly a man on a mission to prove his past playoffs are behind him.

Miikka Kiprusoff? Yes. The two saves he made on Datsyuk at the beginning of the second period were among the best saves by any goaltender this year, and showed a prepared player at the top of his game.

Detroit Red Wings? Yes. They played 60 minutes of playoff hockey and were rewarded with a convincing victory.

Calgary Flames? Do I really have to say it? MetroGnome was quick off the draw with his characterization of the game, and I can’t top it:

What a profoundly revolting display by this team.

Indeed. The numbers were sick: Calgary was outshot 46-20, including 21-5 in the second period. A poor penalty killing team who struggles on the road, they decided to gave up seven power plays. There were 10 guys on the minus side and eight without a shot on goal — including Jarome Iginla, who was entirely ineffective.

But screw the numbers. Watching the Flames play was just sickening. I don’t want to take anything away from the Red Wings, who came out fast, strong and consistent, just like a team in the playoffs should. But aside from the aforementioned fluourishes of brilliance from Datsyuk, Detroit didn’t do anything super-extra-special except oh, you know, skate, hit and make plays. All Flames were at most times flat footed, unwilling to take or give a check, unwilling to drop and block a shot (Langkow looked ridiculous trying to skate in front of Schneider on his goal), and making the cheap play with the puck every time.

Where was the fucking bodychecking? Afraid of stubbing your toe? I address “you” like that, only because your coach, who should be talking that way, apparently just likes to stand behind the bench and pick at his face full-time.

I lost count of how many times a Flames player would come close to a Detroit player and spin away rather than finish his check. Or skate to the perimeter, analyze the lane to the middle and opt to flip it to a half-covered defenceman at the point or blast a slapshot into some shin pads. Of course, had the puck-carrier driven to the net, it wouldn’t have done much because the other forwards would have been hanging out near the blueline instead of getting into a scoring area.

OK, the easy thing here would be to call for Playfair’s head again, and certainly the coaching staff has to answer for this nonsense, as the team was clearly unprepared. But each and every player in the lineup outside of Miikka Kiprusoff is at fault for that loss. The looked like they didn’t even want to win the game. I hope Jimmy Canary Shirt and his buddies Wayne Fleming and Rich Preston force all those players to watch tape of that game over and over again until they realize how embarrassing the whole thing was.

I’d better hear some responsibility being taken in the morning quotes tomorrow. We can only hope — and I can only call it hope at this point — that the fire shown by Brad Stuart, Byron Ritchie and a few others near the end of the game carries over. Because if it doesn’t, this is going to be a short one friends.

I’m off to play in my own tournament this weekend, and will surely perform better than most Flames in this game despite my meagre experience and nonexistent skill. Anyway, should my team win a few games, I will likely have a scheduling conflict with Game 2 in Detroit. And it’s bloody sad that I’m not so sorry I’ll have to miss it at this point.

So, I’ll be online intermittently at best over the next few days but I’ll do my best to keep up — probably with the legion of quality Flames and Red Wings bloggers showing the way.


~ by duncan on April 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Who wants it? Well, we know who doesn’t …”

  1. hope Jimmy Canary Shirt and his buddies Wayne Fleming and Rich Preston force all those players to watch tape of that game over and over again until they realize how embarrassing the whole thing was.
    first of all : BRUTAL showing in the first and second.
    secondly: “JIMMY CANARY SHIRT” is absolutely the best thing to come out of that game. great nickname.
    3. re: watching tape ? clearly the wings did. huselius was rarely left a lane to make a pass, iggy was tightly checked and langkow never ended up in front of the net. not a-once.

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  4. ohyeah. and wishful thinking there, duncan, on the 4-2 final score…. 🙂

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