It’s on

From this timely wealth of information Bruce MacLeod, my new favourite source for game day information: Todd Bertuzzi (“concussion”) and Robyn Regehr (“knee”) didn’t skate this morning, so they’re probably out tonight.

I don’t doubt that info, but I also know that Ryan Kesler came back fro his hip injury to play for the Canucks last night and that came completely out of nowhere. So when CBC goes into the bowels of the Joe tonight to show the players waiting to take the ice in the immediate pre-game, I won’t be surprised at all if Bertuzzi and Regehr are there.

That CBC pre-game look, by the way, is one of my favourite things about playoff time. I’ve been around hockey teams in playoffs enough to know how focused those players are just before game time, and seeing the look in the players’ eyes says so much. Plus, there are few better moments than the stars of the show taking the ice for a big game, music blaring.

Speaking of CBC, I was some kind of impressed with their production value last night. Harry Neale was extra-sleepy in the seventh period of Vancouver-Dallas, but all other announcers, analysis and the new graphics and HD game production were huge, huge improvements. The between-periods tomfoolery with Ron MacLean, Craig Simpson and Kelly Hrudey was a bit much during overtime, but what are you supposed to do after a while? Let’s hope this quality broadcasting is a trend.

That’s it. I’m ready. All ground has been covered, this series has been analyzed to death.

Let’s have some flippin’ fun tonight, shall we?

Go Flames!


~ by duncan on April 12, 2007.

7 Responses to “It’s on”

  1. The pre-game look will also give us a chance to see the black hair on what appears to be more than a handful of the players…

    I suddenly can’t beleive I spent a decent part of my day looking into this…

  2. Wow. No fun to be had tonight. Could the Flames play any worse??

  3. No shit. This wasn’t Playfair. This was the players not wanting to win. Wonder if they’ll watch it on tape and be embarrassed.

  4. I’m embarrassed, and I turned off the TV and turned on the internet radio after the second…

    And what was with the Joe playing Cash at the end of the game? That is war.

  5. Kipper was the only one on the Flames that came to the Joe ready to play. I came into this expecting to see a heated battle. As much as I enjoy seeing the wings win, it is always so much better when they win against a team ready to play against them. Heres to hoping for a more competitive game on Sunday.

  6. Leanne – I know what you mean re: being embarrassed. Ack.

  7. Yeah, I’m off for a beer now, and you’d better bet your ass I’m removing the red jersey with the flaming C from my back.

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