Ready for action (almost)

Kudos to Real Deal Hockey’s Kyle, who was first out of the blocks in analyzing big ol’ Round 1. He was probably working on it as we Toronto Flames-blogger-types were busy drinking lukewarm beer and being limited to “finger foods only” at the immortally nondescript Shoeless Joe’s at King West and Dufferin. Good times were had, but that was thanks to the company and the wait staff, not the atmosphere. (Unfortunately, all meetups, marking the last three games, have resulted in Flames losses. So future plans to get together are of course up in the air.)

So, I’ve spent the last two days thinking long and hard about ye olde first round, and decided I need one more day before I can properly assess the only series that really matters, plus all the other ones. For now I’ll say this: 1. I’ll be picking a Flames series victory. 2. The Red Wings blogosphere is well organized and quite knowledgeable, and a great place to get started along with Kyle at Real Deal. Get a taste of all the Detroit blogging action at Behind the Jersey, Abel to Yzerman, Gloveside, Gorilla Crouch, Kukla’s Korner, Lets Go Wings, No Pun Intended, On the Wings, Red Wings Central and Snapshots. (Thanks to Christy at Behind the Jersey, whose post introduced me to many of these blogs, and also to all those Red Wingers who’ve already linked here.)

All mentioned blogs, as well as any others who might want to send me an e-mail and seem to be a fine source of information will be added to the sidebar in short order, as will bloggers from teams the Flames compete against in future series. Note I said I’m picking a Flames series victory.

Talk to you tomorrow. Go Flames!


~ by duncan on April 10, 2007.

One Response to “Ready for action (almost)”

  1. Confidence or desperation?

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