It’s Godard time

So, predictably, pretty much all the Flames in the post-game scrums said that, yes, they were scoreboard watching and, yes, it affected the way they played in the second half of the game against the Oilers.

Also predictably, they said they were disappointed that they took their foot off the gas, that they’re professionals and wanted to win.

I say bullshit.

There was nothing left to gain by giving their all in that game — no imaginary “roll” to get on, good habits to establish, blah, blah, blah. Why drop to block a shot at that point? Why shift into that extra gear and pull a hammy? Frankly, I was upset that Jimmy left Kipper in for the third.

So, if that was the case last night, tonight’s game really doesn’t matter at all. Rest your wounded, start Noodles, dump the puck in, draw some penalties and work on the power play. Feel free to look past this game, boys — it’s the Wings that matter now, not those pesky Avs.

See y’all at Shoeless Joe’s.

5:15 p.m. ET update: Resting their wounded indeed.  According to TSN, Jarome Iginla, Daymond Langkow, Robyn Regehr and Jeff Friesen are all staying home today. Good call — I’m just going to assume Iggy and Langkow are nursing some bruises and could use the rest. Sounds like Regehr’s knee isn’t too bad, and Friesen apparently has an injured “torso.” Looking forward to the Godard-Parker fight, then.


~ by duncan on April 8, 2007.

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