This is not an overreaction

coachjimmyx.jpgSharks 4 Flames 3

So we’re back to this, eh Jimmy? Inexplicable line juggling, inserting Andrea Susan for no reason, embarassing defensive coverage. Given the situation — this game meant an awful lot more to the Flames than it did to the Sharks — that’s an all-out embarrassing effort by the Flames. This was especially true the third period, when Kipper allowed a real weak one (Grier), and Zyuzin was completely mesmerized by Joe Thornton behind the net on the Cheechoo marker. Jarome Iginla scores to make it 4-3, and you send out fucking Tony Amonte on the very next shift. And again two shifts later. Tony Amonte is not an offensive threat.

No urgency, plenty of mistakes. And mostly, no answers from behind the bench. Just from Jarome Iginla, and it was too little, too late.

Edmonton on Saturday is going to be anything but a cakewalk, and you know Colorado is going to find a way to beat the Predators. Worse, Robyn Regehr — by far the Flames’ best defenceman over the past two months — now seems to be hurt.

Whatever good feelings I had out of that six-gamer are now gone entirely. A win over Edmonton, which would essentially be the easy way into the playoffs, isn’t going to make me feel any better.

If the Flames don’t get in, or don’t go three rounds, Jim Playfair should be fired. Period. Because this is one seriously underachieving team, and if you’re looking for someone to blame, you can point the finger directly at the poorly dressed guy scratching his teeth.

“Playfair piece of shit coach” indeed.


~ by duncan on April 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “This is not an overreaction”

  1. What a fucking rollercoaster eh?

  2. Unfreakingbelievable.

  3. i turned off the game midway thru the 2nd. it was a trainwreck. absolutely painful to listen to, much like the games a few weeks back. i almost WANT us to lose now, since it’s not fair to hold back a potential cup winner (the avs) by beating the greasers.

  4. ohyeah. and you really have to stop dissing amonte.
    he rules. 😉

  5. Ugh. my response is a similar one. It looks like the Flames have plunged back into mediocrity after that 6 game run: bad defense, soft goals by Kipper and stupid personnel decisions. Like you, if the Flames back into the post-season I don’t have high hopes for their success. Whatever glamor Sutter cast over the troops has faded methinks.

    I can’t wait for Tony Amonte to NOT be re-signed next year.

  6. I keep worrying that my constant harping about the same things makes me sound like a Leafs fan. Then I look at the evidence again and just shake my head.

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