Attention: This is an emergency

OK, I know we weren’t going to do a proper Toronto get-together until Sunday, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Oilers fans are circling the wagons, and I can’t bear to watch this game from the discomfort of my living room.

I know Dave and Steal Thunder said they can’t make it Saturday, but what say the rest of you about a trip to the Sheaf on Saturday night in addition to our Sunday appointment at the nondescript Shoeless Joe’s? Win or lose, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need some beer and emotional support to get through the game with all my hair.


~ by duncan on April 6, 2007.

10 Responses to “Attention: This is an emergency”

  1. since you losers are pretty much my best friends anyways i’d say 90% i’m in. we’ll firm up tomorrow sometime around 6ish ? online, of course. i’d like to keep it purely anonymous 😉

  2. Yeah, I’ll either be wasted or playing hockey at that point (but probably wasted, as my team will probably already be eliminated by that point), but I’ll be with you in spirit…

    I set my PVR (8-0) to tape the game, as I’ll probably be passed out before the game even starts (seriously, all we do up here is play hockey and drink, and not in that order)…

    But I’ll be with you in spirit… kinda… if I’m conscious…

  3. Do we have to wear safety vests? Or bring first aid kits? 😀

  4. Yes to both. So, are you coming?

  5. I’ll go. WI, are you in?

  6. i think so, yeah. again –i’ll confirm 6ish. but i wanna make sure we’re talkin about meeting up @ 10 for the western matchup and not 7 for both games… that’s way too much sheaf action for me…

    then we’ll have to figure out how we’re gonna know ya, HG. cause my jersey’s not been much luck lately and i refuse to wear it.

  7. WHAT!? You’re not wearing your jersey? BLASPHEMY!

    Um, I’ll figure out what I’m going to wear so you’ll know who I am. And yes, this is for 10. I may head down earlier though depending on how that Leafs/Habs is shaping up after 2 periods.

    But yes, I’ll look for confirmation from you around 6ish.

  8. Good times. I’ll be wearing one of my jerseys tonight … I haven’t decided which one yet, but it’ll be red.

  9. okay, i’m in. 10pm ish. as long as duncan’s wearing a flaming C, HG can find him. i’ve met the guy, so we’re all good there. 10pm ‘sheaf. and we’ll inquire about tomorrow night cause i keep forgetting to call…

  10. Alright good. See you then.

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