I’m pretty sure I never used that exact phrase, but …

Yesterday, one intrepid Internet user arrived at Flames Blog by typing “jim playfair piece of shit coach” into a search engine. I guess that’s some indication of: a) a recent common theme around here, and b) the current mindset of Flames fans.

Well, Coach Jimmy, I’ve got a message for you: Trounce the Sharks tonight and the road to forgiveness is half-paved. Flames fans have short memories, as indicated by the mass bandwagon-jumping when the club was suddenly good in 2004 after years of crap. Get in the playoffs, go on a run, and we’re all going to forget that you couldn’t seem to get this team to play consistently all year, and can’t select a proper outfit when you leave for the game.

Plus, frankly, I’m really tired of criticizing your coaching methods, mannerisms and couture. Negativity is such a downer, and it’s been such a common theme lately.

So here’s what to do tonight: Dress Byron Ritchie, drop Tony Amonte down to the fourth line (or up to the press box), and coach your team to victory. Do this and, as a show of good faith, my post-game entry will be headlined “Jim Playfair a playoff coach.”

Fail, and I have a feeling I’ll be getting more angry visitors around here.


~ by duncan on April 5, 2007.

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