Nothing to worry about (right?)

Avalanche 4 Flames 3

Well, that wasn’t the winning statement I wanted, but a strong third period by the Flames prevented it from being a total disaster in my books. Calgary was clearly the better team throughout the third, and put on their best final-minutes rally in months. The Sakic goal was the kind of thing you can’t prevent if you’re pressing to tie a game — good players capitalize in those situations.

I thought I might panic if the Flames lost this one, but I’m actually feeling OK. After all, they did just win six in a row, and there are five more opportunities for Calgary to take this division — Colorado’s upcoming two games, the Flames’ next two, and the Sunday rematch in Denver.

Good times tonight withwalkinvisible and Steal Thunder as the Toronto chapter of the Flames blogosphere had its inaugural meeting at the nondescript Shoeless Joe’s. Great to meet you both, and to finally have more people to discuss important issues like, for instance:

• Why was Amonte getting so much time on important lines tonight?

• Why break up a winning lineup to re-insert David Moss?

• What’s your favourite Jim Playfair quirk? The elbow-on-knee tooth scratch or the tongue roll?

• Seriously, what’s wrong with Mark Stiles?

Can’t wait for the full group to get together on Sunday — and hopefully often during a long playoff run. Hockey’s always better with a crowd of like-minded individuals.


~ by duncan on April 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Nothing to worry about (right?)”

  1. I love how your description for the bar went from the ‘Immortal Shoeless Joe’s’ to the ‘nondescript Shoeless Joe’s’…

    It may actually been one of the blandest bar chains I’ve ever been in…

    And their ‘hot’ wings seemed more like mild to me, as well as being a little on the cool side when I got them and lacking anything resembling a kick. I’ve had better wings out of a box from the grocery store…

  2. I thought the Flames got a raw deal last night. A fluke goal, a 5on3 goal and Sakic’s stoppable puck in the third. Credit to the Avs, though, they played an excellent game and took advantage of their opportunities.

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