Remember this?

Yeah, it was a few years ago, but it’s always fun to bring it up.

I really don’t like the Vancouver Canucks. Actually, I hate the Vancouver Canucks, and like nothing more than watching the Calgary Flames beat the Vancouver Canucks.

It wasn’t always this way. Growing up I kinda had a soft spot for them — they were always plucky underdogs that lost to the Flames when it mattered most, like in ’89. They were memorable opponents but could never really be taken seriously. Yeah, the Bure series winner hurt in 1994, but the way I saw that series, the Flames beat themselves.

Every time I went to a Canucks-Flames game at the Saddledome, though, the ride home on the C-Train was always bizarre, as Vancouver visitors and expatriates would yell and scream drunkenly regardless of the game’s outcome. This didn’t happen after games featuring any other teams — Habs, Oilers and Leafs included — and I never quite understood it. That is, until I moved to Vancouver, hung around GM Place a bit, and figured out that a large portion Vancouver Canucks fans aren’t interested in hockey, even a little bit. They’re interested in the Canucks, period, and are blind to everything outside of Canucksland. The best recent proof of this was the ridiculous blind support given Todd Bertuzzi after he maimed Steve Moore. And then there’s the ’94 riot.

I only lived in Vancouver for a little more than a year but, lucky for me, that coincided with the Flames’ 2004 playoff run. That Game 7 win ranks below only the ’89 Cup, Steve Smith and Gelinas over the Red Wings on my list of satisfying Flames moments. Remember the Canucks fan throwing the jacket in front of Iggy before Cooke scored that miracle goal in the final seconds? I almost destroyed my television. And wearing my Flames jersey to work the next day could not have been sweeter, as moron Canucks fans yelled “Flames suck” out of the windows of their cars as they sped by.

Anyway, I don’t live in Vancouver any more, thank heavens, but the tradition continues when it comes to hating the Canucks. I also know that this is a very, very good Vancouver team. It has absolute top-end talent in the Sedins, an underrated blueline, a great coach and one of the top three goalies in the world. This is a true Stanley Cup contender.

So it would be awfully sweet to see the Flames make those superconfident Canucks “fans” squirm, and insert a little question mark in the heads of Jeff Cowan and co., by showing them a little something tonight. Or a lot of something.

Go Flames!


~ by duncan on March 31, 2007.

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