Caring is not creepy

Flames 4 Wild 2

Obviously, that’s a damn satisfying victory last night. The Flames have won three different ways now on this road trip — the tight comeback against Chicago, the goaltender’s struggle in Game 1 against Minnesota, the sure-thing-all-the-way last night.

As MetroGnome addressed at Five Hole Fanatics, the best thing of all last night was the utter domination by Jarome Iginla, Alex Tanguay and Craig Conroy. That line showed last night that it can be as good as any in the league — and when it plays that well, it’s only going to open up space for the Langkow-Huselius group.

And though it led to a late power play goal, I was also pleased to see Byron Ritchie defend Stephane Yelle, and the scrum that ensued. Nobody was hesitating to get in there.

Teamwork? Road wins? Rushing to your teammates’ defence? This is a team whose players are starting to care about each other. And those are the kinds of teams that win Stanley Cups.

Should be a beauty tomorrow night in Vancouver.

I realize that it’s this year’s playoff performance — the team’s, and to a lesser extent, the individuals’ — that will actually be the measure of the Stuart/Primeau for Kobasew/Ference/Draft Pick trade. But after seeing this story speculating that Dave Lewis may be done after a year in Boston, and noticing that Chucky is likely done for the year with a concussion, I wondered how things have gone since the deal went down.

Brad Stuart: 22 GP, 0-3-3, +10

Wayne Primeau: 22 GP, 3-4-7, +1

Andrew Ference: 23 GP, 0-2-2, E

Chuck Kobasew: 10 GM, 1-1-2, -6

Mystery Future Draft Pick: ??? (three question marks are always funny to me, I don’t know why)

And, just for fun, since that other trade:

Craig Conroy: 23 GP, 7-13-20, +7

Jamie Lundmark: 26 GM, 7-2-9, -4

Like I said, jury’s out until the postseason is over. But put it together with a suddenly very useful David Hale and it’s so far, so good for Darryl’s moves, no?


~ by duncan on March 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Caring is not creepy”

  1. That is AMAZINGLY impressive that Ference is even +/- on that team, and is only 1pt behind Stuart in terms of production.

  2. i think lundmark’s lookin’ pretty good in purple, though i think a couple of those goals were own-goals by opposing teams, that he happened to touch just prior… david hale looked absolutely useless in his first couple of games, but admittedly seems to be improving (comfort level ? chemistry ???).

  3. That is AMAZINGLY impressive that Ference is even +/- on that team
    The Bruins, as I recall, actually went on a pretty good run for a while shortly after the deal, reinserting themselves into the race for a short period. That team isn’t that bad — it’s an underachiever, if anything. The thing about Stuart is, even though he can be inconsistent, he can do things that Ference can’t — in particular when it comes to physical play in his own zone, which is where he’s excelled lately IMO.

    comfort level ? chemistry ?
    Maybe he just needed to get his rhythm back after that kidney thing. I actually like that the Flames have a d-pair completely dedicated to defence now. Warrener’s looked a lot more comfortable since he was joined by Hale.

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