Whatever, that felt good

Flames 1 Wild 0 (SO)

OK. So, tonight, the Flames:

• Laid an egg in the first period

• Were outshot by a wide margin (38-24)

• Got no shots in regulation from their captain and best player, Jarome Iginla

• Suffered through a horrible game by their star mid-season defence acquisition, Brad Stuart

• Had general manager Darryl Sutter declare during the second intermission on the team-produced pay per view broadcast that “their No. 10 has beaten our No. 28 on the rush three times tonight”

But let’s be honest here: Who gives an F? That there was a road win against a quality opponent, and in a shootout no less.

And for the fourth straight game, that’s a defensive result to write home about. The Top 4 group sure did shit the bed in the first period. And, yes, Robyn Regehr was lucky that Marian Gaborik didn’t capitalize on any of the rushes Sutter was referring to. But that was vintage Kipper tonight (in a goaltenders’ battle, just like I thought), and Rhett Warrener and David Hale were awfully solid. There’s a reason I changed my blog description up top earlier this week. Winning old-school? Indeed.

I’m told by Roger Millions that the magic number is now three, and I see the Canucks are up 1-0 with six minutes to go in the third against Colorado. The spread could be seven before the night is over.

I’ll sleep well tonight.


Hilarious PPV moments

• Charlie Simmer repeatedly calling Kim Johnsson “Tomas”, apparently fixated on the 1980s Islanders defenceman

• Charlie explaining in response to a reader question that top-of-the-net water bottles have come in “only recently” because “buildings are hotter now,” blissfully unaware of Flames goalie Marc D’Amour’s dehydration/hospitalization story from Tomas Jonsson’s ’80s that really got the whole thing rolling

• The PPV production team interrupting this season’s fifth “kids interview a player” feature with fast-fowarding images of Mark Stiles interviewing Randy Sportak

• And, as usual, Mark Stiles interviewing a player (in this case Darren McCarty) from behind the glass, as a shaky game camera tries to pass along the pictures

Really, these pay per views are embarrassing to the club. With Centre Ice out here in Toronto, we get to see all of the team-produced broadcasts, and Flames Pay Per View is by far the worst. Leafs TV does a pretty nice job and offers HD. The Canucks have a crowd of six reporters and analysts, great post-game dressing-room interviews, win-or-lose, and the Oilers have passable graphics. The Flames have Stiles, who still stares like a madman at the camera after every standup.

I suppose it’s kind of funny in a camp kind of way, but I’ll take a professionally produced game over some cheap laughs, thanks.


~ by duncan on March 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Whatever, that felt good”

  1. If we have to win through Kipper, so be it. Would be nice if the rest of the team picked up the slack though.

  2. “their No. 10 has beaten our No. 28 on the rush three times tonight” which, of course, harks back to me wondering why reggie’s lookin’ so slow these days (i mentioned it in my flames v. wild pre-game, right after i hinted that our 5/6 defensive pairing would look like clowns). i don’t get it. maybe it’s those crazy futuristic skate blades ? better for turning but shize for speed ?


  3. It’s funny, Regehr looks slower but he has the best +/- on the team, so he can’t be that bad. I think the biggest thing is he hasn’t been as physical — when guys used to try to go around him, he’d level ’em. I can’t remember a really big Reggie hit since Aaron Downey.

    Plus, this year he’s had to play with a poor match (Phaneuf), overall body soreness (Warrener) and Dr. Inconsistent (Stuart). His game’s positioning, and you need to know where your partner is to position properly.

  4. I think that the whole ‘Regehr isn’t playing as well’ idea is bunk. Like you said, he has the best +/- on the team, and right now he’s forced to play with Stuart who has been inconsistent at the best of times. Making up for a bad partner is tough to do and he made even Warrener look quite effective.

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