Why I like Craig Conroy

So, did anyone notice that Craig Conroy comes back against Detroit, and the Flames win? I did. While it hasn’t all been roses since Calgary did the right thing and reacquired him, there was a run of good play right after he arrived. And in the big comeback road win against St. Louis, it was Conroy who scored two third period goals. Since he arrived, they’re 11-5-4 when he’s in the lineup, and went 1-3-0 in the four games he missed.

Conroy’s a guy who’s more about the intangibles than the points, although he’s probably performed above expectations when it comes to the latter since his return (6-10-16). We all know he loosens up the dressing room, because that’s what everybody on the team says — and he’s also the de facto team spokesman, a role that Alex Tanguay oddly seemed to take while Conroy was out, looking uncomfortable about it the whole time.

It was moments after the Flames lost Game 7 to Tampa that Conroy delivered the quote that I remember best. Essentially, it was this: “We’re disappointed, but we know how close we got, and we’re determined not to be the next Anaheim or Washington or Carolina. This group wants to win the Stanley Cup, and we’ll be back.”

Problem was, Conroy wasn’t back. And we know the story. And I know they could have used him in games 6 and 7 against Anaheim last year.

Craig Conroy isn’t back at his salary so the Flames can win games against St. Louis and Edmonton — they could do that before. He’s back so they can win tonight, against Nashville — and those big games against Minnesota and Colorado coming up, and during the playoffs.

Yeah, I’m saying it. I’m afraid the Flames will miss the playoffs, because I’m no prophet, but I’m still confident they’re going to make it — and it says here they will. And it’s Craig Conroy more than anyone else who gives me that confidence.

Yeah, there are better players on the team. Yeah, the coach is inexperienced and is having some problems. But I sincerely think Conroy is the glue that gets those good players and that head coach to finally stick together.

So look for a win tonight — and look for Craig Conroy to be a big part of it.


~ by duncan on March 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “Why I like Craig Conroy”

  1. Good call man. I had a good feeling about Craigers too and slipped him into my Yahoo lineup before the game. Remember, he scored a key goal against Nashville last game to tie it up (we blew it anyway.) Things changed a bit tongiht though.

  2. Aren’t you a smarty pants. 😛 Three cheers for the new 24!

  3. hey, mr.prophecy ! stir us up some hope for two games in minny next week… x

  4. Wow…scary. What’s next…winning lottery numbers?

  5. Y’know, I’ve been pretty careful not to make any clear predictions here before last night. So with the Conroy thing working out, here’s hoping the “the Flames will make the playoffs” thing is just as accurate.

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