This blows

coachjimmyx.jpgStars 4 Flames 2

Posts and comments on Leanne’s liveblog are all you need from this game — at least, all that Dave didn’t PERFECTLY PREDICT well before puck drop.

Yep, it’s apathy city, baby. I know it’s bad when I’m not beating on furniture any more because I’m sure there isn’t any hope.

If I wasn’t certain before, I’m certain now: Jim Playfair is not a man capable of coaching a Stanley Cup contender. Amonte, Friesen and Ritchie in the last minute? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHY MUST YOU TORMENT US? Tell you what: Take your dime-store suits all the way to Larry’s house, and lock yourself in the bathroom. Then, look in the mirror long enough to realize you made the right decision all those years ago when you turned down this job.

I mean, far be it from me to criticize a lifetime hockey man, but good Lord. Nine road wins. Tony Amonte isn’t going to score the tying goal tonight! Aaaarrrrrghhhh!


~ by duncan on March 15, 2007.

8 Responses to “This blows”

  1. Thanks for the props, but I fear it’s not much of a talent to predict the outcome of a Flames road game against a decent team. 😉

  2. this amonte thing has really got me puzzled. truly. how can playfair make the same mistakes game after game after game with nobody noticing but us blogmates ???. we need to track down sutter’s email pronto and send a memo…

  3. I know it’s bad when I’m not beating on furniture any more because I’m sure there isn’t any hope.

    I’m sure your couch and any pets you may have thank you.

  4. One good thing about the game, it was on HDNet (for us US subscribers), so the audio and visuals were amazing. It’s too bad that we trailed from the start, just a crappy mood for everyone watching.

  5. i wanna read rage’s flames blog… no blog, rager ? start one… 😉

  6. rage: I saw on your site that the game was available on HDNet, but for whatever reason the Canadian Centre Ice feed didn’t offer that game in HD. We usually only get one a night (which is ridiculous, every Sunday Ticket game is HD), and that wasn’t it.

    And yeah, wi’s right — always room for one more in the Flames blogosphere, even if we don’t have a catchy name like “Oilogosphere.” Virtual Firepit? Saddledrone?

  7. rage already has one site to manage…

  8. HDNet Canada and HDNet USA is totally different. HDNet has US only rights to 2 games a week, while HDNet canada has no rights (national rights owned solely by TSN and CBC). Therefore, only US subscribers like myself that get HDNet US version get the game in HD. I thought Center Ice canada might’ve picked up the feed… I guess I was wrong.

    I do have a blog, but its more about Formula 1 and hot chicks, and bad humour. I’m not that great of a hockey writer (yet) haha.

    Maybe next year I’ll start writing about the Flames on my blog.

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