Spared the Rog — good luck?

The Flames are about to take the ice against the Dallas Stars.

First bit of good news: It appears Centre Ice has selected the Dallas feed over the PPV, with an even-more-homer-than-usual Roger Millions and crazy-eyes Mark Stiles.

Second bit of good news: Mr. No Emotion Jim Playfair actually called out his best players by name after last nights debacle. The Calgary papers ran a shit version of the quote that didn’t include the long list of players that he mentioned on TSN — If I remember correctly, it was Jarome Iginla, Kristian Huselius, Alex Tanguay, Roman Hamrlik and Dion Phaneuf. Yeah, that’s your core and, yeah, they sucked.

Third bit of good news: It’s Noodles. Kipper needs a night off.

My apathy is strong, but my hope remains stronger (for now). I’m wearing the white jersey here, ’cause the red one sure didn’t help last night. I still can’t believe they were outshot 42-19. What a joke.

Crap. Brad Stuart penalty in the first minute. I’m stopping this before things get worse.


~ by duncan on March 15, 2007.

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