Sorry, not much substance to this pre-game

I’m spending this weekend in Ottawa. Today we went for a nice skate alongside Spezza-jersey-wearing kids on the Rideau Canal — perfect conditions, we stopped in the middle for a coffee and a BeaverTail, it’s just good times. In other words, the opposite of watching the Flames play a quality opponent on the road.

But, thankfully for my nerves and general outlook on life, Calgary’s back at home tonight, against those bastards who won the cup in ’04. I actually have lot of fun watching the Lightning from a hockey-entertainment perspective, and I expect the Flames can put together the game to beat them tonight, which will make it even more pleasurable. We’ll see some glorious plays from the likes of Lecavalier and St. Louis, likely against Andrei Zyuzin and/or Rhett Warrener. But in the end the Flames’ better all-around lineup and goaltending, plus their nutty-good record on HNIC, will be too much for Tampa.

Sadly, as I watch the game in a pub in our nation’s capital, the road problems and likely first-round playoff exit will still be in the back of my mind regardless, and the victory will feel hollow. As it should for the Flames themselves, and particularly Matthew Lombardi-benching headman Jimmy Playfair.

OK, that’s it for now. I’m on vacation, and I’d rather be thinking good thoughts. Good hockey night to you all, I’ll say “hi” to Stephen Harper from the entire Flames blogosphere.


~ by duncan on March 10, 2007.

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