Flames: Please prevent me from using Elton John song as post-game headline

My unfortunate employment situation (I’m employed) leaves me the last blogger in town to write about tonight’s big game against the Blues, so I’ll link to everyone who’s already covered tonight’s big game, and keep this short.

1. Andy Murray-coached teams are frightening. If he could ever get his hands on an elite roster, watch out. Guy wins. I said this after the deadline, and will repeat it — with the 20 or 30 first-round picks they have coming to join an already strong crop of young talent (Boyes, Jackman, Backman, Stempniak), and a ton of cap space, the Blues will be good for 10 years if the owners don’t cock it up.

2. Game-day on the Flames website has Mark Giordano in for Andrea tonight. I still don’t blame Zyuzin for that pinch the other night — Tanguay was on his way to cover, and fell down — but Gio needs to get his confidence back, because he’s strugged since Ference left town. I’m guessing he might get a trip to Omaha if things don’t go well tonight, which would be too bad considering the overall quality of his season.

3. If the Flames pull off a win tonight, I think it might almost be better if it was a close one. I can’t back this up with facts, but it seems to me the Flames ease up when they think they’re playing at the top of their game — misguided overconfidence or something. They need to be fully aware that if they don’t bring it all on Thursday, they’ll be getting blown out of Nashville all the way back to Sucksville. (And all the “why do you suck on the road?” questions that come with it.

OK, I said short. Let’s get it on.


~ by duncan on March 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Flames: Please prevent me from using Elton John song as post-game headline”

  1. i thought this game would be a lot closer than it turned out to be. flames should have slaughtered these guys after one, but sanford kept ’em in. we’ll see what happens in the volunteer state, won’t we, milroy…? 😉 rematch next tuesday from section 201 at the dome !!!

  2. You’re there in the flesh next week? Lucky … was there for two games this year, had a blast. I’m sure you know this already, but have the nachos. Puts the ACC food to shame.

  3. nachos nuthin… it’s allllll about the pockedawgs….. 😀

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