Uh, cautiously optimistic?

Flames 4 Oilers 2

FIRST OFF: Good start, but it’s still not all OK. Beat St. Louis on Tuesday, and it’s still not all OK. Defeat Nashville on Thursday? It’s time to talk. One win in a game that barely qualifies as “road” (shitty team, soft travel) doesn’t exactly signal the permanent disappearance of the “Evil Twins.”

BUT: I was satisfied with the result last night, and with most of the performances. Barring a seven- or eight-minute stretch in the second period, the D-zone coverage was solid and winning for the second game in a row — and props to the staff for making the necessary adjustments. And yes, there were mistakes. But Primeau, I’m guessing, doesn’t make that breakaway pass to Sykora again. And the Pisani goal on the 2-on-1 probably doesn’t happen if Tanugay doesn’t blow a tire in the Oilers’ zone. Anyway, give it up for third-period resiliency and Kipper’s best game in a month, even if it is against the downtrodden and undermanned.

It’s a pisser that Vancouver and Minnesota play tonight, meaning one of those two are going to be alone in first no matter what. So let’s all collectively hope for a two-point game and start getting nervous about Tuesday, shall we?

Finally, a few points on the broadcast:

• Greg Millen, a Leafs TV employee, needs to stick to his own team. I won’t say he doesn’t know his hockey, but he clearly has no clue what’s going on in the Western Conference. All you got from him all game was the basics — “Huselius is a magician with the puck,” “Marc Pouliot sure is having a great game,” “Joffrey Lupul is having an off year, he’ll be back.” Didn’t take notes, or I would have a better argument here — sorry. In any case, I’ll take Drew Remenda any day. (And any TSN broadcast crew over any HNIC crew. Hughson’s still slumming it.)

• Not much to say about After Hours that wasn’t said here. (Bonus: Read to the bottom for typical priceless Oilerfan animosity towards Phaneuf. Says a lot that Flames fans have no equivalent hatee on the other side, no?)

• A commenter a couple of days ago named rage2 left a thank-you note after I pointed out that TSN’s HD is vastly superior to CBC’s, so I paid even more attention last night, and came away even more annoyed. CBC should be embarrassed at its poor production quality — the worst example last night being its inablility to get sound-levels between the two games in check. Duhatschek sounded like he was whispering during Satellite Hot Stove, and the entire Flames-Oilers game came in at the same level, forcing a major upping of the volume. U.S. regional networks do HD better, and there’s no excuse for that, union shop or not.


~ by duncan on March 4, 2007.

9 Responses to “Uh, cautiously optimistic?”

  1. One win in a game that barely qualifies as “road” (shitty team, soft travel) doesn’t exactly signal the permanent disappearance of the “Evil Twins.”

    Soft travel – no kidding. Think they drove up in their plush bus or hopped the puddle jumper? Anyways, I’ll still take the “road” win – this one puts 25% of their road wins in Edmonton.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Beat Nashville and then we’ll talk. I wasn’t altogether impressed with the team to be perfectly honest.

    And on the Pouliot goal, the two shittiest players from each team battled- and Edmonton’s came up on top. Andrea went for an ill advised pinch and Lupul beat him, getting the puck out to Pouliot.

  3. someone really needs to step up and explain that warrener and zyuzin can’t play together. like, ever again… regehr and stuart are starting to look halfway decent, but last night every time there was a glaring defensive error, #44 & #7 were on the ice… i wanna see what this david hale guy looks like. i wanna see him with gio v. the blues. which, of course, will never happen since sutter/playfair seem to think warrener (and his zero stanley cups, despite his 3 finals) is the shiznit…

  4. To add more to the HD discussions, the game wasn’t actually in HD. CBC can only do 1 game a day in HD, so it does 95% of it for Toronto games while all of us out west gets shafted. The game was actually 480i, or DVD quality (technically). In reality, it’s worse than that… they take SD 480 line cameras, attach a different lens, and shoot a larger area of ice. The feed is then cropped, and resized to a 720×480 resolution to get a standard definition but 16:9 image. On lower res TV’s and folks with bad eyes, it’s kinda close to HD. There’s no DD5.1 mix either, just standard audio (I believe).

    Here’s the flames HD/SD480i schedule for this season that I compiled at the beginning of the year.


    If you want to do a true HD comparison between the 2, compare the Mar 14 TSN game to the Mar 31 CBC game.

  5. hate to say it milroy but kipper better take a few lessons from luongo

  6. ha. rage is a total AV nerd… 🙂

  7. I’m just a nerd in general lol.

  8. Now that I understand my HD better, I’m even more upset. I’m stoked about next week on HDNet, though.

    And M: Thanks for outing my nickname, it’s my favourite one — and had some recent NHL exposure! But sorry, Kipper will have something to learn from Luongo when “Lui” wins a playoff series. Till then, I’ll take Miikka 10 times out of 10.

  9. Thanks for the HD explanation, rage2 – I’ve been trying to figure out why Oilers and Canucks games in “HD” on the CBC look like such utter garbage compared to TSN games in the same locales. I wasn’t sure exactly what the deal was – whether it was the cameras used in GM Place and Rexall Centre, etc., or if the CBC was just “upsampling” an SD widescreen feed. Now I’m not quite so clueless!

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